Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pharmacy Residency combined with motherhood - what a ride!

Oh what a freaking ride this past year of being "double blessed" has been.

Words cannot even begin to describe the journey God put me on as a pharmacy resident and a mother. Brand new to both. Knew nothing about either. Yet, He gave me the right tools, the right attitude, and enough perseverance to come out on the other side victorious and proud. Yes. The end was certainly victorious, though the beginning was shocking and the middle was just...HARD AS HELL and filled with lots of struggles and tears.

Residency in a nutshell?
Hardest year of my life.
70+ hour weeks, working 12 days on, 2 days off all year long. Countless projects, presentations, deadlines. Intertwined with all that was my research. Research, research, research.  I got to work before the crack of dawn and left work waaay past sunset because I was constantly working on my research project...which was the hardest and most time consuming project of all my co-residents and I would say way more involved than those of many PGY-1 residents whose presentations I later saw at the Great Lakes Pharmacy Residency Conference.

Add first time motherhood to that.
Only 6 weeks of maternity leave, then having to come back to the 12days on, 2 days off craziness.
Struggling with very low breastmilk supply.
Crying for the first 13 post-partum days.
But receiving so much help and support from my husband and being so amazed at his involvement, love (the real DO type of love, not TALK kind of love), sacrifice.

I'm now officially done. I don't know how I feel about it yet. It really hasn't hit me yet that it's over.

I just waived goodbye to my in-laws, as they got in my husband's car so he can drop them off at the airport. Thank God for my mother in law these past 6 months,  we could not have done it without her help.

More on the crazy journey to come.

Now off to my first official shift as a clinical pharmacist (yes, I got a wonderful job post-residency and it was all worth it!!!)

But more on everything later.

I missed my blog. Will try to write more and keep up with my life story now that I will have more time. Thanks for sticking around while I was gone livin' the dream....or rather making the dream come true by working my arse off!

Yours in Christ,

Monday, February 8, 2016

3rd Trimester Bump Updates (Weeks 29 - 38) & Birth Announcement!

WEEKS 29 - 38

Week 29 

  • Baby is the size of an ACORN SQUASH

Week 30 

  • Baby is the size of a CUCUMBER

Week 31

  • Baby is the size of a PINEAPPLE

Week 32 

  • Baby is the size of a SQUASH

Week 33 

  • Baby is the size of a CANTALOUPE

Week 34

  • Baby is the size of a BUTTERNUT SQUASH

Week 35

  • Baby is the size of a COCONUT

Week 36

  • Baby is the size of a HONEYDEW

Week 37 

  • Baby is the size of a PUMPKIN

37 Week Ultrasound

Week 38

  • Baby is the size of a WATERMELON


And here she is!
Welcome to the world baby girl Violette!
Born January 13th, 2016 at 6:31pm via emergency C-section
Tiny little peanut weighing 5 lbs, 10 oz, measuring 19.5 inches

Happy daddy holding his little girl.

Most importantly, she is a healthy and happy baby girl. And first time momma has survived the first 3 weeks of her newborn's life. Sleep deprived and struggling with breastfeeding a bit, but overall mama and baby are content and really enjoying each other's company. Overall impression so far: WOW, MOTHERHOOD IS INDESCRIBABLY WONDERFUL. I have never cried from joy this much in my life...not even at our wedding.

Full birth story is in the works. GOTTA GO, baby is crying!

XOXO, Agnes

Monday, December 21, 2015

2nd trimester bump updates Vol. 2 (Weeks 21 - 28)

WEEKS 21 - 28

Just a quick bump updates post, that has been sitting in my drafts folder and is now a little outdated.... but still worth posting since my goal is to get the complete story of my pregnancy (and residency) documented here.  Obviously I have been absent for way too long on this blog. But I have valid excuses. I'm a resident. and I'm pregnant. Yeah..I'm a pregnant pharmacy resident. Residency has completely taken over my life. Working 70+ hours per week and always working on 3-4 different projects and constantly struggling to meet multiple deadlines for projects and presentations. Will provide some more detailed updates regarding residency and pregnancy really soon. I took off Christmas Eve and have Christmas Day off as well, so hopefully this tired (now 36 weeks pregnant) resident can catch a breath. More updates and bump pictures in an upcoming post where I will take you all the way through the present. Oh and baby shower pics coming up as well!!!

Spoiler for next blog update? Let me just tell you this residency/pregnancy thing has been a roller coaster and has involved many tears and breakdowns. Joys mixed with suffering. But definitely much heavier on the suffering part. Ahhh... the cross of Jesus is heavy, but I'd rather crawl on all fours carrying it and be with HIM, than have any pleasures of the world and be apart from HIM.

Week 21 

  • Baby is the size of a POMEGRANATE

Week 22

  • Baby is the size of a PAPAYA

Week 23 

  • Baby is the size of a GRAPEFRUIT

Week 24 

  • Baby is the size of a CANTALOUPE

Week 25

  • Baby is the size of a CAULIFLOWER

Week 26 

  • Baby is the size of a LETTUCE

Week 27

  • Baby is the size of a RUTABAGA

Week 28 

  • Baby is the size of a EGGPLANT