Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well, Welcome! As you can see, this is my first ever entry on my new blog.

You can read about me on the side here, but I just wanted to give you a little background on
  • why I created this blog
  • what I will be writing about here
So, the last time I blogged was probably in the 7th grade, when I was 14. But that blogging was not very reflective or meaningful. It was just about a whole bunch of stuff that went on in Jr. High, including drama over a boy that I claimed to be madly in love with. As for this blog, I created it for a completely different reason--actually for multiple different reasons. (Not listed in any particular order)

Why Blog???
  1. I absolutely love and enjoy reflective writing!

    I have been journaling regularly (on paper) since the 6th grade.
    Looking at my journals all the way from grade school, through high school, and now...I can clearly see how much I've changed, matured, and progressed on my journey toward God.

    Just recently, I started journaling electronically, and I thought: well, why keep it just between me and God, why not share my life's experiences: the blessings, struggles, failures, lessons? Somebody somewhere may someday stumble upon my blog and be inspired? You never know. (Leads into reason #2)
  2.  To share my life/faith journey with others

    ...Perhaps inspire someone, be a good example to someone, or give someone some needed hope and faith
  3. To meet new people through blogging make new relationships feel encouraged by their faith stories and overcome struggles

What will I write about??? (also not listed in any particular order, just a list)
  • MY GREATEST PURSUIT: that is the Lord Our God
  • My values and beliefs and why I stick to them
  •  My Wedding: planning, preparing, being excited
  • My Fiance and our relationship
  • Being a pharmacy student
  • Working at a crazy pharmacy and dealing with people of different backgrounds and social classes
  • Striving toward my educational, career, family, and spiritual goals