Friday, February 10, 2012

My Response to the HHS Mandate [in pictures]

The HHS mandate is absolutely ridiculous !
Mr. President: please refer to the Constitution (Bill of Rights) instead of stepping all over it! Who do you think you are to go against the constitution that our founding fathers worked very hard on and the basic freedoms that thousands of Americans died for?

The government doesn't have the right to make me (and millions of others) to violate my conscience and do something that goes against my faith and morals. 
We are not living in a communist regime, but in a democracy.

I will always trust HIM, who died for me and set me free. I will therefore always defend my faith, even if it means breaking the law and going to jail. I will not be lukewarm.

 I will never trust these two (Obama & Sebelius) who want to trample the basic principles this country was built upon and take away the freedoms of American Citizens.

Obama, you are going against THIS. [200+ years old]

and against THIS. [2000+ years old]

There are 78 millions Catholics in America. And countless other Christians.



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    1. Thank You Leila! And You are a wonderful and amazing example and inspiration to me. For this and for You, I thank God.

    2. I just realized I really need a picture! Anyway, great blog--love the pictures--and I completely agree (especially with the last one).