Friday, January 25, 2013

7 QUICK TAKES #4 - Mistakes of 2012 and Resolutions for 2013

#1 LESS WASTING TIME on social networks and online in general

I've been wasting too much time ONLINE - especially on facebook
Facebook is a nice way to connect with people (especially for me, I'm a total introvert and thus not very social, so I don't talk to many people). Facebook makes me open up a bit and improve my social interactions. But facebook can become really addicting. Not sure if any one of you have experienced symptoms of facebook addiction, but they pretty much involve checking facebook all the time for new updates, and if you post a status update or pictures, you check even more frequently to see if how many people "liked" it. And sometimes you can't stop. There are evenings when I am desperately trying to write up a paper for school or study for exam, but I can't focus BECAUSE of facebook. I keep flipping between the 2 screens (word doc or pdf AND facebook). I can't focus on my school work for more than 5 mins without my brain going off "oooh, I wonder if there are any new posts on facebook." It's almost like having A.D.D. So, for the new year, I am restricting my facebook use to ONCE DAILY in the morning, just to check for any messages, notifications. No more endless scrolling through the newsfeed 10 or 20 times a day.


I need to spend more time in THEE FAVORITE PLACE IN MY ROOM
So my resolution is to stop everything I am doing at 10pm the latest (even if it's some important school work) and pray and read scripture right in front of my crucifix in my bedroom. This is my little prayer station that I set up and I am proud of it. It helps me focus.

And these are the Catholic books I have read over the past year. The one on the very top is still in-progress...and has been so for the past few months. It is not the easiest material to get through. SO my usual strategy for reading catholic books is to highlight or underline all the quotes / passages that stand out to me or that especially teach me something valuable...After I finish the book, I go back over my highlighted quotes and take notes on them (usually re-type them over into a word doc for later reference). This stack of books below, except the top one, have all been read and highlighted, but I still have yet to go back and take notes on them. That will be my goal for summer 2013, because it's impossible to do with school right now.

And below are the 2 books that I am planning on reading in the next few weeks/months. Medical spanish to help me talk to my non-English speaking Hispanic patients at work and the one on the right is a summary of the unpublished/secret speeches (that he never gave) of JPII on sex and marriage. I'm excited about that one, especially with my wedding coming up in a little over 6 months.


I'm having a hard time getting this blog going. I'd love to be a regular blogger like all my fellow Catholic bloggers on here, but pharmacy school, work, and wedding planning have been getting in the way. I'm a fairly new blogger and still learning. Also, I think I am just having a hard time transitioning from journaling to blogging. I have been journaling (in a regular paper journal/diary) since the 6th grade, and it's hard for me to abandon my journaling and transition into an electronic form of reflection. But I really want to blog more. I am hoping to be a little more disciplined about that in 2013.


Again, it's hard to find time for the gym when you're a pharmacy student, intern, and are planning a wedding, and also remodeling your first home. It's difficult. But sitting on my butt and studying all the time isn't very healthy for me. SO for the sake of my health and for the sake of being a strong, healthy servant of God, I plan on starting to exercise at least 3 times a week. Also, GOTTA FIT INTO THAT WEDDING GOWN :-)


Yes. This is what happens when I try to study. Haha. This is Greg taking pictures of me.


No more excuses. No more "I'm just stating the facts" or "I'm just sharing my opinion." I need to use my lips to praise the Lord and praise the Lord only, never to talk badly about His children. I need to focus on my thoughts because it is way too easy to judge what another person says or does. There are certain people in my life that I am especially negative / judgmental about and I really need to work on that.


This one is hard for me. I am as INTROVERTED as they come.  I am too comfortable in my own little world of my love of God and love of my fiance...with the attitude of "I don't need anybody else butting into my beautiful little world....get your own." I need to starting interacting with more people. I also need to improve my communication and relationships with my family members. I kind of abandoned everyone with starting pharmacy school and working. 


If it's your first time to my blog, please introduce yourself. I'd love to meet new bloggers.

Yours in Christ, Agnes

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  1. Found you on conversion diary. I hear ya on FB. I used to get like that till I realized I could go on FB blockout weeks where I abstain from social media completely. So far its great. Love you book selections, too. I'm going to get me Peter Kreeft soon. Thanks