Friday, February 8, 2013

7 QUICK TAKES #6 - Things I cannot wait for!

This quick takes is literally QUICK! I am in the midst of a very busy day, and I only have a couple of minutes to write this before I head over to a meeting, followed by a 2 hour therapeutics workshop, for which I still have to read 4 10-page articles. The therapeutics workshop is on osteoporosis and I have to recommend the best treatment plan for an elderly patient, based on existing evidence. I also have to address all of her other diseases and make sure the medications I choose are the best options and don't interact with one another, or with one of her other diseases.

But anyways, here are 7 THINGS I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR....Things I have been yearning for, wishing for, dreaming about...


This year, I will make some major sacrifices for the 40 years of lent. I will try to really get closer in my relationship with God, to grow in faith, love, sacrifice, and self-discipline. I will be writing about my specific lenten resolutions soon!

#2 End of this crazy, hectic 2nd year of pharmacy school & summer

.... So I can finally step out of my own little world of being lonely and studying for exams non-stop. This school year has been dragging so much and has left me feeling super lonely. Greg has been working nightshifts and working on renovating our first home during the day - in contrast - I've been going to school during the day and studying well into the night. So this past year has been very difficult and lonely for me. I hope that summer comes soon so that I can spend some quality time with my fiance.


 I wish, I wish.....that I could just fast-forward to August 17th and get married to my Greg already! We have been together for over 6 years (including a 2+ year engagement)...and these last few months have just been draaaaagging waaay too much. I can't wait to be his wife! I think about it, I dream about it, I pray about it. I'm crazy about it!

#4 Moving in with husband into our beautiful house

....and doing all that a wife does! 6 months, 1 week, and 2 days to go!!!
I'm honestly excited about stepping out of my parents' house, where the food was constantly ready on the table, into my own kitchen - into a world of completely new experiences. I can't wait to cook and bake for my hubby, clean for him, prepare his lunch for work..and other little or big chores. My parents always took care of me and catered to my needs, now I cannot wait to do the same for Greg. I will finally be able to love another human being through serving him and sacrificing my time for him.

I'll be dedicating a whole entire post to our first home soon with lots and lots of pictures to come! For now, here are some pictures of some holy/Catholic things I put around my house. I just realized they're all from different countries.

Picture of the Last Supper in our dining room. Got it from Hobby Lobby. Made in the USA

 Picture of my favorite! my hero John Paul II. This was brought from Poland by Greg's sister who was just there over Christmas. I love it! 

Crucifix with "God Bless Our Home" around. This one is from Betlehem, the place of Jesus' birth.

#5 Graduation from pharm school

NO.MORE.EXAMS. I am sick and I am done with having 2 exams every week! Plus countless projects, workshops, assignments etc. Right now, my motivation is at like a 1 on a scale of 10. I've just been daydreaming about our marriage, house, future family...That is why I cannot wait to be done with pharm school!

#6 Becoming a mother and starting my own family

I'm pretty sure I was created to be a wife and a mother. As I stated above, I have increasingly been thinking about it, dreaming about it (literally), and wishing for it all to come soon. God just put this huge, profound desire in my heart to be a wife and a mother, and to teach my children all about the Lord and His indescribable love and awesomeness.

#7 Our Honeymoon

We have not booked it yet because the money has been tight, since we have had huge expenses with the house renovations as well as the various wedding expenses/deposits. We are hoping that when we get our tax returns, we can book our honeymooon. We don't like to put anything on our credit cards if we know that we won't be able to pay for it the same month.

And that's all! Thanks for reading! As I said, soon I'll be posting about my specific plan for Lenten resolutions and also the before and bfter pics of the renovation of our first home.


P.S. I'm feeling kind of heavy and bummed b/c just this morning in pharmacology class we talked about abortion-inducing literally the drugs used in abortion clinics to induce early and late term abortions. One of the late term abortion drugs is just an injection of a highly concentrated KCL (potassium chloride), which makes the cells of the baby shrink and die. Ouch. And this is used specifically in late term abortions. I cannot even imagine the pain that the baby is feeling as his cells are slowly shrinking and he/she is dying a slow death. They talked about that so matter-of-factly. It makes my heart ache for these poor, innocent babies and the suffering they undergo even before they come into the world.


  1. Hi Agnes,

    I saw your post over at moxie wife and was touched by your words about wishing for a good girl friend with whom you can share your faith. Coming from a sweet little town in Michigan where I am surrounded by lots of people who love me, especially dear girl friends, I always wish I could give just a little of what I have to others like you.

    In looking through your blog, I was struck by your courage in living your faith so joyfully. Isn't it hard to be Catholic in the world today? But to do it joyfully is something heroic! Please know that I will send a prayer your way today.

    1. Thank You Ellen, prayers are greatly appreciated. And Yes, it is hard for us Catholics to live out our faith because we are constantly judged and hated...there are many crosses, but we just have to rest in the Lord and try to live our lives in joy because we sure have the greatest source of joy available to us (God in the Eucharist).

  2. 2013 sounds like such an exciting year for you!! August will be here before you even know it :) Do you know where you want to go for your honeymoon?