Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reflections from my Journal #4: "There is None Else but You"

I don't know if many of you know this, but I journal...I journal aaa lot and I have been for a very long time (almost nonstop since the 6th grade). It's probably one of the reasons why I don't write on my blog very often because I am just so used to hand-writing in my journal and it's hard for me to transition from my years of journaling into electronic blogging. Plus, my journal is so much more personal. It's a place where I can truly spill my soul to the Lord, even very personal details that I could never share on a blog. My journaling is a form of prayer I guess. I don't go there just to write down my experiences so I have something to look back at later in life....I go there to have conversations with God.

But I digress.

So, I was journaling the other day, and I just unexpectedly wrote God a poem...or maybe a better word to describe it would be a psalm. It was definitely inspired by some of the psalms I read when I pray the Liturgy of the Hours (so I am not taking full credit for it!)

Here is my psalm to God. 
Don't judge, I'm no writer, no poet, certainly no psalmist. But it was an honest expression of my love toward the Lord. It also came out during a time when I was feeling very troubled and could do nothing about it but just rest my troubles in the Lord...and trust.

It is titled:

" There is None Else but You "

Jesus: The CENTER of my room and my life.
 My favorite place to pray and write.

Oh God, My God
for You I long. 
My soul hungers for You, 
and my body pines for You. 
Your Word is my bread
And Your Love is my drink
Your Arms are my rest
Your Mercy - my comfort

When my heart is troubled oh Lord, 
I run to You...
And I rest in You, my Great Savior
And You renew my hope, 
Revive my drooping spirit.

None else but You
can bring me comfort and joy, 
even in the darkest hour -
For You, My King, there is no substitute.
Therefore, I dedicate my life 
to  None else but You
You alone shall be 
The purpose and center of my life.

You are the foundation
 Upon which I want to build my house
Upon which I wish to build my whole life
There is None Else but You.

There is None Else but You Lord.
I have tried to find joy and comfort
 In the things and people of this world, 
but the joy I have found was transient and false
And it was accompanied by 
disappointment, emptiness, even despair.
I have been foolish, Lord
But You have been slowly bathing me,
 in Your Wisdom.
You have shown me that 
 There is no real life, no real joy, 
Apart from walking in Your Truth

Oh how much relief, 
oh how much comfort I feel 
When I look toward the heavens 
and call upon Your Name.
And even though You may not give me
all the answers to my questions
I know that You, oh Lord, 
Are THE ONLY ANSWER to my doubts and troubles
You are Amazing Lord

Yours truly, Agnes

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  1. Beautiful psalm. :) Check out St. John Cantius in Chicago if you haven't already! They have the Traditional Latin Mass! :)