Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick takes #9 - Facebook Status Edition

I've been super duper busy and stressed out over the past few weeks, hence no posts for a while. This is just a quick update for you guys. I decided to cut and paste my FB statuses - which is the quickest way to get everyone updated on what's been happening in my life. So Enjoy.

In summary:
  •  Bridal shower coming up in 1.5 months, we're registering, sending out invitations, working on favors etc
  • I have 11 exams in the next 3-4 I am studying, studying, studying...sleeping little....I'm stressed out..and I have no life :-(









Friday, April 5, 2013

Super Quick Quick Takes #8




I went with my mom and spent some good mother-daughter time in the fitting room of the House of Brides, trying on the dress, the veil, different hair styles, and taking pictures! It was a good day with my mom and I'm excited to finally have my dress! One bonus: it actually fits me almost seamstress that's making my bridesmaids' dresses will just have to adjust the length because I'm a bit vertically challenged :-)


My Bridal shower invitations arrived last week! 

They're pretty darn cute I must say. I order them from vistaprint and got a 50% off deal, so they were a little over 50 cents each! What a deal!
While I was studying last Sunday, Greg put the invites inside of the envelopes and got them all ready for mailing. Well, not quite ready, because I am still in the midst of gathering everybody's addressess.

This is the shower invite. I blurred out all of our info but at least you can see the design. The aqua color is the color of our wedding.


This coming Sunday, Greg and I are going to Target as well as to Bed Bath and Beyond to register for our bridal shower gifts. 

I'm excited to pick out kitchen and dining stuff for our new house! Exciting! Since I'll be queen of the kitchen, it's ok to demand nice pots, pans, silverware, and appliances haha. Afterwards, we are going to a baptism party for a daughter of a friend of ours. And then, of course, I have a bunch of assignments to do for pharmacy school. It never ends.

#4 These are some hairstyles I found on pinterest that I really love for my wedding.

As you can see, I love curls...probably because my hair is naturally wavy...and it curls when it gets rained on or when I put some mousse in it. 


I wrote a pretty personal post about chastity, marriage, trusting God in difficulties, and how God taught me to trust him through Psalm 27. Please read it.


Also, check out my post about my favorite quotes from last week!
Here is one:


And finally, I wrote a post dedicated to my favorite Pope John Paul II, in commemoration of the 8th anniversary of his death. It is full of pictures of him...all the pictures I gathered throughout the years!

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In memory of my favorite pope and hero John Paul II

As you all know, today marks the 8th anniversary of the death of our beloved John Paul II. 

John Paul II is very near and dear to me and has always been, not only because he is a pope from my dear mother country, Poland, but also because his life and his writing have changed my life completely...And maybe also because THANKS TO HIM, the WALL OF COMMUNISM in my country and in Europe fell down and the system collapsed! Yes I believe it is all thanks to him and because of him! He's that amazing! He is the one that taught me THEOLOGY OF THE BODY and LOVE AND RESPONSIBILITY....and answered the most fundamental questions about marriage and sexuality (via summaries by Christopher West, this book, and this book) and even shared some profound knowledge and secrets about the SONG OF SONGS. He taught me some of the most important and fundamental things in my whole entire life and he opened my eyes to the truth like no one has ever done before. I have at least 10-12 books either by him or about him. I have countless pictures (many of them hanging around my house), I have a few movies as well.

I miss him so terribly. . His love was comparable to that of Christ's...and so was his perseverance in suffering. His smile just amazes me everytime I look at his pictures. His wisdom even more so. I ask him to pray for me and Greg and for our marriage all the time. John Paul II is my go to man. My spiritual father...even though I never actually met him, or talked to him, or seen him in person (well, once, I caught a glimpse of him riding by in his pope mobile during his 1997 pilgrimage to Poland).

So, in his memory, here are some pictures of him that I collected over the years on my computer...

Polish for "I am joyful, you should be too"

In upper right corner, written in Polish: "You called us, so we came"

In Polish: (My own translation so may not be perfect) "I am with you and I will remain with you even from the house of the Father - and you, be with me in every prayer, and fulfill your vocations until the end"

in Polish "It's hard to say goodbye"