Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes #10

  1. 99 days til the wedding! (Yesterday was exactly 100!) O EM GEE. This is delightful but also kind of scary. 43 days until the bridal shower! The invites went out, the registries are now complete, I have my bridal shower dress and shoes!

  2. I finally heard back from our priest Fr. Anthony and we are meeting with him next Friday! I cannot wait! (Thank You Lord, I have been awaiting that call eagerly and with much distress!) Fr. Anthony is an amazing priest that came to our parish over 6 months ago. He is as fluent in Polish as I am and he's not even Polish! He learned it, from scratch! He probably speaks it better than I do and it was my first language for me! I admire him for that. It's coming in handy for him in Chicago with the huge amount of Polish Catholics and Polish Catholic Parishes around here!
  3. I heard back from our photographer and we scheduled an engagement session on the Tuesday after finals. We are having our session downtown Chicago....right in the beautiful city, then finishing off on North Ave Beach at sunset! So romantic.

  4. I have been way too busy with exams in the past few weeks! I think we had like 13 exams within 3 weeks. And I have 7 final exams in the 5 days of next week. My Monday exam (is first of all, at 7AM) is a comprehensive pharmacology exam that covers material not only from this whole quarter, but from the whole year!!! That means I have to review hundreds of pages of material, going all the way back to fall 2012. I think it covers 400+ drugs. Insane, I tell you...insane. I took off work this weekend b/c if I didn't, I probably wouldn't get any sleep either.

  5. I finally found an amazing and relatively cheap make-up artist for the wedding. And she was free to do a trial makeup session right on the day of our engagement session, which is a nice bonus!
  6. I booked our honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic earlier this week! That will be a nice getaway that will hopefully bring us closer together! Praise God that we can afford such a getaway!

  7. As you can see, everything with the wedding is slowy coming together. I had to put the planning semi on-hold over the past 3 months because this was my most DIFFICULT quarter in all of pharmacy school. Just thinking about this past quarter (and the exams I have yet to tackle next week), gives me shivers. Needless to say, I am exhausted, stressed, and sleep-deprived. But come next Friday, ALL THE EXCITING THINGS START in my life! I will be finally able to shift my focus from pharmacy school to my wedding! I am planning on reading a few more catholic books on marriage and to study and pray more about marriage. My biggest challenge for this summer: I will have 3 months to LEARN NFP. I get out of school May 17, and the wedding is August exactly 3 months. Lord help me, I need Your Help for sure. I don't know what I'm doing at all. I hope it all comes together in time! Pray for me!

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God Bless You All!

P.S. I will soon be posting pictures from our engagement session (which is in 10 days), so keep a lookout!

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  1. Good luck with your exams, Agnes!

    I think you will definitely be able to learn NFP in three months! That's about how long it took for me to feel really, really comfortable and like I knew what I was doing.

    So exciting that there are less than 100 days! :)