Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes #12 - Wedding Edition #2


Our wedding is now 22 days away!!!

It feels like we got engaged just yesterday, and that was over 2 years ago! It feels like just yesterday we started dating and getting to know each other...and we have now been together for close to 7 years! I am so inexplicably excited and overjoyed about our marriage coming up. I can honestly say I have been waiting for this day my whole life...and I knew Greg was THE ONE since the day I met him. Oh, every time I imagine us in front of the altar, exchanging our vows, and looking into each other's eyes...I just completely melt inside. The feeling I get inside is indescribable. The Lord has blessed me so abundantly!

Since it's Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week, I wanted to share the most amazing news with you all. Probably the best thing that has happened to our relationship ever. After many months of prayers and conversations with God, the good Lord finally granted me the courage and the right words and the right circumstances to have a conversation with my soon-to-be husband about Catholic teaching on marriage, the openness to life, and NFP! For such a long time, I felt that there was a brick wall in between my fiance and I when it came to talking about sexual and intimate matters and I thought I would never be able to overcome my fear of starting this conversation...but our God is an awesome God I tell ya! About 2 hours before our second Pre-cana class, we were trying to get our "homework" done, which was to practice having this "marital dialogue" which was guided by a worksheet we were provided from our pre-cana instructor. The point of that homework assignment was to open ourselves up to one another...and let me tell ya, it did the job! Right after, although I thought the words would not come out of my mouth, I actually started a conversation about sex and NFP and Greg peacefully listened. Turns out he had a complete misconception of NFP (just as I did before I actually learned about it); but after I explained how effective it is, and how it goes along with church teaching, and how Catholic teaching on contraception actually makes so much more sense than what the secular culture teaches us, and how many side effects contraception has (#1 carcinogen, stroke, blood clots etc), he changed his mind! He was very surprised to hear that NFP is 99.9% effective and that it is more effective than any artificial form of contraception! Then, of course, our Dear Lord so arranged that we actually talked about NFP at our pre-cana class that day and our instructor reinforced (repeated) everything I just told Greg! I'm glad God arranged for things to go that way because I wanted to be the one that communicates NFP and church teaching to Greg FIRST, before he hears it from the mouth of a stranger. Our pre-cana instructor then told us that her friend has 3 kids, all planned out to the exact DAY using NFP. Greg was also surprised to hear that! But in conclusion, that day was just a miracle to me! At the end of the day, when Greg went to work after our class (he works night shifts) and I got home, I couldn't thank God enough for everything that happened that day! The day I finally was able to share church teaching about marriage with my hubby-to-be and so easily winning him over...will be forever cherished in my heart! Once again, God is beyond awesome!

 We also had our bridal shower in June! We feel very blessed for a successful bridal shower and for being showered with so many gifts! Greg's sister came up with some very creative and fun games for us and we truly had fun and our guests watching us make fools of ourselves enjoyed themselves also!


Greg won the cooking contest (he did it faster; my tasks were made harder on purpose) meaning that he has to cook delicious meals for me in the future! :-)

  I won the "grocery shopping" contest, meaning that I will be the one doing the groceries in the future. It was like a game of "The price is right" haha! I was only around $1 off in estimating the total on the receipt of the items in the shopping basket, whereas Greg overestimated the total by almost double! He wanted to pay $40 for groceries that actually cost about $28! Oh Greg, still love you!


Next, I wanted to share with you how our invitations looked: 

 And the wedding planning is almost coming to an end! It has been pretty stressful but I enjoyed it because I "kept my eyes on the prize" or "saw the light at the end of the tunnel" the whole time! 
We definitely had some hiccups with the planning....our banquet hall burnt down 3 months before our wedding!!! [Read my last post]...leading to having to find a different hall and cutting our guest list down by almost 100 people)...and one of my groomsmen just deciding to drop out of the wedding 3.5 weeks before and me having to find a replacement and get him a tuxedo ASAP. 
BUT......Throughout every part of the planning, I couldn't help but daydream about the big day, especially about that special moment when we are looking straight into each other's eyes at the altar of God. And I'm not going to lie here, I'm pretty darn excited about the wedding night! But I should be! We've been waiting for 7 long years for that special night! Not ashamed to admit, I've been daydreaming about that too! I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

My "wedding planning station"

Last weekend we threw a party for our bridesmaids and groomsmen so that they could get to know each other before the big day. This is going to be a big polish wedding (kinda like the "big fat greek wedding") so we have 9 pairs of bridesmaids/groomsmen standing up...which is a pretty average number for polish weddings.

The baked goodies our moms made for the party. I only take credit for the cupcakes. The rest are polish cookies/pastries.
The gifts we gave to our bridal party.


And I leave you with some reflections on marriage:



  1. I saw your name on Jen's page and I had to click through. I just had a baby I named Agnes! My husband and I love that name! We've been saving it since we were pregnant the first time, but our first kiddo was a boy. My husband and I enjoy being "extreme" Catholics, devout and striving to embody a holy domestic church; but I agree, it is difficult in the midst of our crazy culture. Especially when I have to explain to my doctor that I do NFP so I don't need birth control, thank you very much!

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It sounds like the party will be well worth the wait!

    ~Judy @ laughingweepingliving

  2. Hello from Jen's QTs!

    I learned about NFP two years ago, and was very hesitant to talk to my husband about it. We're not Catholic and I'd been on the pill a long time. I was SHOCKED when he was open to it and credit the Holy Spirit big time. It's amazing what can happen!