Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 Favorite Pro-Life Memes - in honor of 40 days for life

Since we are almost right in the middle of 40 days for life (day 22), 
I decided to post my favorite pro-life memes in honor of this time.
According to the 40 days for life website
259 babies were saved so far since September 25! 
That is amazing! 259 babies that could have been dead...get to live, grow up, 
and experience all that life has to offer. Thank God.


Wisdom from Mother Teresa


 Wisdom from my favorite, soon-to-be SAINT, and personal hero, Blessed John Paul II
He always, always stood up for life and the dignity of the human person 
from conception to natural death.


 More wisdom from my hero!


 Not sure where I got this meme....
but it makes me feel PROUD and STRONG and UNASHAMED
of standing up for life.


And the infamous quote of our president Barack Obama...I can't believe he said that and I feel sorry for his daughters to have such a dad. They're being indoctrinated with contraception, abortion, and the lie that human life is disposable/optional, from a very young age.

For more 5 favorites, visit Hallie's blog.


  1. I'm not necessarily pro or anti Obama but I was so upset when he said that! It's just such a terrible reflection on how we view not just teen mothers, but all mothers! It hurts me just as much when people imply in conversation that staying at home with my children must be torturous for me. On a lighter note, I really love the over-sharing nfp couple meme lol.

    1. Yes, I agree with you! I guess motherhood is becoming a social stigma...sadly :-(