Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I'm Thankful for at the Moment (Vol 1)

So I decided that once every or every other week, I will write a "post of gratitude." I will name them "What I'm Thankful for at the Moment." Through these posts, I hope to not only thank God for all of His Blessings in my life at that particular time, but also to help me live in a spirit of gratitude, instead of a spirit of complaining, sadness, or indifference.  I hope that these posts will help me realize just how GOOD our God is and to count my blessings instead of letting all the negative things in my life bring me down. I shall be thankful even for those times of sadness, difficulty, and hurt....for the times of trial...because those are blessings in disguise! I know that the good Lord brings good out of every situation, out of every difficulty, every evil...because He is Almighty and His Goodness never ends!

Today, I would like to thank You Lord for:

  • Being married to my soul mate for almost 2 months now! 

    • I could not be happier. Being a wife to Greg is definitely Your Will in my life and my vocation. Marriage truly is beautiful...indescribably beautiful. 
    • Love, as seen in the media, is a big lie. Loving as God loves, on the other hand, is AMAZING!
  • My parents finally getting an offer on their house

    • It has been on the market for quite some time and my mom was stressing out over paying double bills and double property taxes because they could not get it sold. They are slowly moving out. They are moving to Michigan (2 states away..but it's only 2 hours). They love country living so they bought a house with some land so they could do their own gardening and some farming. My oldest brother moved out to Michigan this past month as well. He will be about 10 minutes from my parents, so at least they will not be alone. The move has been a little harsh on my brother's wife since it is a world of a difference between Chicago and the nothingness of Michigan. Also, she had some trouble finding a special needs school for one of my nephews. She is still getting adjusted. I think what is hardest on her is the loneliness. Most of the family is here in Chicago. But, we are going to visit them this weekend and hopefully bring them some joy! :-)
  • Coming home to a wonderfully smelling house and dinner cooked by my husband today

  • Winning free lunch and awesome free advice from our pharmacy management lecturer 

    • ....who also happens to be the Regional Talent Specialist for the company I work for....and an international speaker...and is a Career and Branding Advancement Specialist at his OWN business counseling company. (This is his website)..Pretty successful guy. He is in charge of recruiting/hiring pharmacists and optometrists for the pharmacy and vision centers in our company's stores in 9 states.
    • His most valuable pieces of advice  for our careers as pharmacists
      • "Do not be mediocre. Go above and beyond what your job duties are. Do everything the best you possibly can. Never settle. "
      • "Some people will be extremely annoyed by you. But who cares? Who cares if there are 10 people that talk crap behind your back for every 50 people that you inspire and set a positive example for? If people want to be haters, let them. Carry on. Keep being excellent in what you do."
  • Being able to go to adoration tonight and spend some wonderful time in prayer in front of the Eucharist

  • For regular menstrual cycles and being able to chart and let God do the planning of our family!

  • For getting an e-mail from the Newman Catholic Community on campus and having the courage to go to their first meeting, for meeting everyone, becoming a member, and setting the agenda for the upcoming year. 

    • We have some exciting masses as well as service projects planned out. It's a very, very small group. I think there were like 8 of us at the meeting, and some people that couldn't make it. I'm so glad God led me to this group and hopefully He has some plans for me to help this organization out, since I do have some experience with Catholic Campus Ministry. The group is mostly composed of 1st & 2nd year pharmacy and medical students. I'm the only 3rd year student. I know there are a ton of Catholics in my class ( my class is 206 students) but nobody cares or has the time for Catholic ministry, apparently. Too bad I just found out / joined this organization now, as this is my last year on campus (O My GOD, THIS IS MY LAST YEAR OF CLASSES....EVER!!! after like 20 straight years of school). I wish I had been a part of this my first 2 years, perhaps I could have helped them reach out to students and make their presence known on campus. Perhaps. But too late now. Hopefully this year will be successful!
For all of these blessings and more, Thanks be to God!


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