Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks to God - Thanksgiving 2013

Today, I thank God for all these people in my life! 

Maybe it was a little tough growing up with 3 brothers, 

but I wouldn't exchange my big family for the world! 

Thankful for parents who sacrificed everything for us, to give us a better life.

 And of course, thankful for my wonderful husband who completes me!





<3 Agnes

Thursday, November 21, 2013

7QT - Sneak Peak at our Professional Wedding Photos!!!

Guess what???
Guess what???
Guess what???

We got our professional wedding photos in the mail yesterday !!! 

And they came on this fancy flashdrive that looks like a credit card. My eyes just lit up when I saw them. The pictures are amazing...all 889 of them. And that's not even all of them yet. Turns out the photographer forgot to put some pictures we took in the garden of the banquet there will be even more than 889 pictures. Oh my. I have to pick approximately 100 of those and send them back to the photographer so he could compose our "Wedding/Love Story Book." This book will be a "love story" type of album, so it will have pictures of just the two of us. Since we have all the photos on a flashdrive as well the the photographer's copyright consent forms...we'll be ordering our main photobook as well as photobooks for the parents by ourselves. The photographer is really cool and letting us print all the prints we want for anybody...unlike other photographers who charge like $5 per print. (No thanks, I'd rather pay 19 cents at Walgreens...better yet, 9 cents at

Now that I have all the photos, I am working on a few blog posts in which I will portray our wedding story, the best I can remember :-) Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak of some of my favorite wedding pictures. I'm going to try not to include the ones I already have in earlier posts.

Cypyright MstudioFoto

#1 Bride's house

#2 Parents' Blessing

We had a traditional Polish highlander (folk) band play for us. Here, they are playing and singing a song to set the mood for the parents' blessing. It's actually a Catholic, Marian song they sing. It always makes me cry at other people's weddings (I have stood up to so many of them) but it didn't break me down at our own wedding.  

Each parent sprinkled us with holy water as a sign they give us their blessing to go off and marry each other....and they also had us kiss the cross...
Below is my mom...but as I said, each parent did this...our Godparents did as well.

A blessing and well-wishes for our marriage were recited...while we kneeled and teared up.

#3 The Ceremony /  Sacrament

 I find this one especially hilarious!!!

#4 Pictures at the park

 #5 Reception

 #6 Cake Cutting


#7 First Dance

I hope you enjoyed them! :-) Let me know what you think!
Again...this was only like 40/900 it was kind of hard to capture it all!
And since I never like to leave you with empty hands, go read my post that I wrote yesterday about Love, Marriage, and the Cross.

God Bless!
Be on the lookout for those wedding story posts and more pictures!

Mrs. Agnes

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marriage and the Cross Part 1

First of all, thank You my Lord for another beautiful weekend spent with my beloved husband. I love spending time with him in our beautiful home, for which I am also very thankful for. You are amazing oh God! Everything we have - our whole lives - You have given us! You constantly shower us with joy and love. You give us a thousand reasons to smile every day. 

It is hard to describe how sincerely happy I am in my vocation to marriage with Greg. He is a wonderful husband and a great man! He loves everyone and helps everyone, without expecting anything in return and without any conditions - like Jesus did! He is a beautiful example to me of love for people, and I hope that I am an example to him of love of God.
And this is how we complement each other and how we can learn from each other - until one day we will be truly UNITED and ONE, to which God calls us.

I know there are a lot of precious and beautiful moments ahead of us, but I cannot deny that suffering also awaits. For Jesus warned us that we, who follow Him, will be persecuted and hated...if not literally by people (which in our culture we most certainly are), then at least by Satan! But together, with each other and with our Lord, we can conquer any evil that stands in our path and get through any trials and sufferings. The Enemy will NEVER seperate us. Even though we might temporarily drift away from each other physically or mentally....OUR SOULS have forever been connected by God and what He has JOINED TOGETHER, no person, thing, or evil spirit shall seperate!

Love is beautiful...although sometimes full of pain. Just look at the cross! Look at the Greatest Love the WORLD has ever seen or known! It is full of pain, has been tested, tried, and pierced with nails! But it persevered! Persevered 'til the end and accomplished what it has set out to do! And that is the kind of love I wish to love my husband with. That is the kind of love that I am thankful for today - the kind of love that imitates Christ's love for us. I will always strive for that in my life. No, I will not forget. Because every time I lift my head up and look at the cross, at the world's greatest love, that is what I want to lean on my whole life! I want to accomplish at least a little, teeny part of what Christ has accomplished....I want to abandon myself totally to the Will of God, to carry my cross with courage and silence - and when the cross becomes so heavy that I cannot bear it - I shall ask Jesus and His Mother, who have already walked the Way of the Cross, for assistance. 

I do not know what lies ahead of us... What kind of beautiful hills and what kind of dark and scary valleys. I can share my plans with God but He will probably laugh at me. God has His own plans for us, and I wouldn't want it any other way. So I cannot say that I want to finish pharmacy school before I become a mother, or find a job, or anything else like that. For, if it is in the plans of God to bless us with new life earlier, even RIGHT NOW, then blessed be His Most Holy Will. We will both welcome whatever God brings with open arms. Not only do I trust You Lord, but I trust Your timing. I will accept anything that the Lord gives (or TAKES AWAY) because He has not disappointed me yet - ever! Because His plans and His ways are 1000 times better than mine! I am ready for any and all blessings, sufferings, and sacrifices...because even though our future is unknown and sometimes overwhelmingly frightening, with God we will conquer and get through any valley..and we will come out STRONGER and able to climb onto an even higher mountain...climb up towards greater joy...towards the source of all joy....towards God.