Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I only have time for a quick post, as I am in the midst of final exams.  I already tackled 5 finals, and I have 2 more to go!  (Thursday: Pharmacy Management and Friday: Med Chem)
Friday is my hardest final (Medicinal Chemistry aka Drug Structure Evaluation class.....the class I always complain in my posts about). But, I do feel the need to write at least a little something, because....

......guess what day it was yesterday???


Yesterday (11-11-13) was Greg and I's 7 year anniversary of being together! 


Yep! We started dating in November of 2006, when I was just 16 and Greg was 19. I know. I know. I was very, very young. But I promise, although we fell in love with each other very quickly and pretty much knew we were going to get married one day from the very beginning, we were very good kids!  We simply acted like best friends - we enjoyed each other's company, went out on dates, and took long walks while holding hands. We talked about our future often, and basically just waited to "grow up" a bit, finish school, and then get married and have a family. I graduated high school in 2009, finished a 2 year pre-pharmacy program in 2011, got engaged right after that (May 2011), then started pharmacy school September 2011, and we just recently got married (Aug 2013). 
(Our full story of how we met and how we got engaged coming soon)


Here are some of my FAVORITE THINGS about my husband


1) When he showers me with warm kisses in the middle of the night 
when he comes home form work. 
I absolutely love this. He comes home around 3 am. I usually hear him unlock the door and come in. And the sweetest thing is that he always goes to me first. He gets in the house and marches right upstairs to see me and kiss me. Then he goes about doing other things (checking e-mail, showering etc.) I just think it's really sweet that he puts me first; and although we see each other every day, he still gets excited enough about seeing me that he showers me with kisses, even when I'm asleep.

2) When he cooks for me
I don't have any recent pictures of his wonderfully delicious home cooked dinners that he made for me, but here are some pictures from this summer! Unlike some men, he doesn't just think that cooking is my responsibility as a woman, but he joyfully helps out in the kitchen and when I'm not home and he is, he cooks dinners for me. He gets so excited and just radiant when he sees that I enjoy his meal and it especially builds him up when I complement him how good it tastes. 


3) When he chooses to spend alone time with me because he knows 
how important it is to me.
 I'm a BIG INTROVERT and he is much more extroverted than me - he loves social interaction and loves being around people all the time. He does love spending time just the two of us, but sometimes he wants to go out when I want to stay in and be alone together...and he sacrifices for me! And I truly appreciate it.

4) All of his hard work and handiness.

He transformed this crappy old kitchen with sticky grease and mold and smelly, dirty carpets

Into this beautiful kitchen...now a heart of our home.

He Transformed this

Into this

He transformed pretty much transformed an old, crappy, dirty, foreclosed/abandoned house into a beautiful home that we love and cherish every day now.
All by himself. 
He put an unimaginable amount of work to make our first house a home for us. And he constantly works inside and outside our home to make it a nice, cozy love nest for us :-) Whenever I ask him for any help whatsoever, he never says no. He is such a hard worker and never refuses to help anyone.

5) When he prays.
Because that is what real men do! 

For more five favorites, visit Hallie's site.
And that is all for now. Peace to all of you.
Back to studying pharm!



  1. This is moving!
    May your love grow all your life!

  2. Great list!
    Good luck on your finals.

  3. Never stop appreciating your husband and letting him know the things that he does that make you love him even more. This is beautiful! (And speaking of beautiful, he really did a great job with your house!!!)

    1. Oh I tell him all the time about how wonderful he is and how happy I am that God gave him to me. I also thank God every day for him. Truly great husbands and good, honest men are few and far between, and we gotta thank the Lord he gave them to us :-)

  4. Such a cute kitchen! Love the color in the fireplace wall too. You should add some gold accents. Just a thought :)

    1. Thanks Susana!! I actually decorated it with red and silver accents...I thought silver would kind of go with the grey of the fireplace. I will be writing a post dedicating solely to the remodel of our house soon so I will show it off! :-)

  5. This is such a sweet post. I am so impressed by the transformation of your house too!

  6. So sweet, and your kicthen re-model is gorgeous!

  7. Love the redo of the house! Who thought carpeting in a kitchen was a good idea?

    1. Haha I know!!! The original owners had carpeting everywhere!!! And it was the original carpeting that came with the house when it was built over 20 years ago. So yeah...both the pink (!!!) carpet of the kitchen and the beige carpet in the living room were literally black from dirt! I don't even wanna talk about the bathtub they left. I'll be posting pics of that soon though!