Friday, November 15, 2013

7QT #20: Random Updates about School, Marriage, Wedding pictures



This is going to have to literally be a QUICK 7 quick takes. I'm just a little bit tired. Or maybe a lot more than I think. I just finished my very last final of this quarter. I had 7 final exams over the last week and a half. Today's was the hardest...the dreaded MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY..and it was cumulative (!) So, depsite my good intentions for a meaningful post, I must admit that I am running on 3 hours of sleep and am just a little bit doped out on caffeine. Just a little.
Also, this was my very last fall quarter of pharmacy school. This was my quarter 7 of 9 (Pharmacy school is 3 years of classes, and 4th year is all rotations aka field work). Just 2 more quarters of classes left, then I get to go out and experience the different areas of pharmacy practice. Then I can finally become what I wanted to be when I grow up. Yay!


Our photographer e-mailed me earlier this week and said he's sending out the DVD with our wedding pictures. I cannot wait to get it in the mail and look through all the pictures with my husband. We've only seen a few pics so far that the photographer posted on his blog and we haven't seen the wedding video the little details are starting to fade away. I'll be posting some more professional pictures once we receive them, but for's this picture from the limo that someone took on their cell phone. I'm kinda squishing my hubby's face/eye...but that's because I love him haha.


Speaking of the husband. He finally switched to working days after almost 2 years. It sure is a change. For, now though, it's a temporary switch until January, because then his coworker has to go back to days so he has to go back to nights. Hopefully they will start rotating or something. But for now, this is great!!! The first 2-3 days were kinda funky...we weren't used to being around each other so much...but we both admit we like his work schedule better this way. No more lonely evenings and nights! God has decided to relieve some of my loneliness after many pleas! At least for now. Whatever happens after January is in God's hands. And let it be so!


I was looking / deleting pictures from my old cell phone (My old, old phone..pre-smartphone). And I found pictures of when I built a bridge out of toothpics and elmer's glue...and it won the class contest in our entire 2 physics classes in high school. It held the most weight (before it broke) for its own weight. So it had the best weight/strenght ratio..or whatever the teacher called it back then. I ended up going to regionals at the local community college but the 2nd bridge I built had a flaw and didn't hold for as long.... But it's a memorable story.


And I also found a picture of my pooch! She's a chihuahua & fox terrier mix. I got her as a present from my parents for my Sweet 16. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring her with to our new house. She was so used to my parents' house and sleeping in their bed and following my dad around every single step he made...that I had to let her just stay where she belongs.
Now I visit her and she always showers me with love when she sees me.

#5 My dining room fall decoration centerpiece.

I just put a wreath inside of the fruit bowl I usually keep on the table...put a plastic container in the middle, on top of which I placed a scented candle. So I guess it's kind of DIY. My husband brought out my creative juices because he wouldn't hang the wreath on the door for almost 2 weeks when I asked him I decided to make use of it inside!


Nerd Girl Problems

or between finishing my homework, studying, or writing posts on my blog.



And now off I go to be productive. I have deemed this laundry and house cleaning day.... since I kind of abandoned the house in the last few weeks because I had ridiculous amounts of studying to do. So time to clean, do laundry, and probably bake something for the husband before he gets back home from work. I have been baking almost every Friday night lately, and I think he has gotten a little used to it. So now he asks me "What are you baking this Friday?" Ummm, wasn't planning on baking anything but now that you asked...sure, I'll bake you something to make you happy :-)  Because marriage is about sacrifice. Even in small things like baking something when you really should be studying / doing other chores.
 I have 2 weeks off school now, about which I am glad. I did tell my manager at work to give me full time hours during my break. When I'm in school, I only work 10 hours a week, so I try to pick up as many hours as I can during relieve the financial situation a little bit. Hubby works hard to pay for our mortgage and bills, and I try to contribute at least in small ways so we could have extra money. We enjoyed our honeymoon so much that we already want to start saving up to possibly go on a 1 year anniversary trip.
 I guess it didn't turn out to be such a quick post after all! 
 Hope you all have a great weekend!

God Bless!



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  1. Your wedding pics are lovely and I LOVE your fall centerpiece too! :)