Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Kitten, Christmas, Food, Marriage Edition

Here are a few updates on what has been happening in our life lately. 
I had a 2 week Thanksgiving / fall break from school and a lot of interesting things have happened during surely has not  been has been full of exciting and surprising things!
So this is what we did during my break:

#1 Rescued a kitty cat

Kitty cat literally showed up at our front door. 
He showed up at the right front door at the right time.
...It just so happened it was raining that day
...and it just so happened we were sitting in our living room 
...and it just so happened Greg looked out the front door window at the perfect time
...a kitty had just come, seeking shelter from the was just sitting under the roof, licking its wet fur 
..and the whole time, I was thinking: "wow what a coincidence!" and "Okay, I get it God, the kitten chose us... You chose us to feed him and give him shelter. And You couldn't make it more obvious than putting it right in front of our faces."
....and it just so happened it was us, and not other people
....because we quickly rushed to get some ham and chicken and milk out of the fridge to leave it out for kitty cat
...kitty cat was very thin, cold, and scared...and ran away not to be seen again...that night
...but it came back the next morning and ate the food
...and we kept leaving food out for 3 days in a row.
..and it kept coming back and eating it
...but we could never spot it
...every day we looked out the front window numerous times because we wanted to help it...
...but it was always coming by to eat the food while we were gone
...until one Sunday night, it came by the front door again
...and we lured it into the house.

We put it in our basement and gave it food. And it has been staying in our basement for over a week now. It looked like it was about 5, maybe 6 months old. Its back legs and butt were very skinny, but it had a very swollen belly (I thought it may be from starvation or maybe worms in its belly). The kitty has a gorgeous fur coat and is very cute and cuddly and it looks much better now that it has had a proper diet for 1.5 weeks.

However, we kept it in our basement because we didn't want to let it freely run around the house and in the kitchen until it gets some medical attention and I make sure it's not infested with worms/bacteria/parasites etc. Poor thing was flea infested though. I gave it 2 flea baths already but it just has so many inflamed scabs and wounds deep in the fur from scratching and biting itself due to itchiness. Oh and one more thing I was concerned  about and wanted a vet to see was a bald patch on its back, near its butt. I had read online it could just be hair loss from fleas but that it could also be a bacterial skin infection. And So I....


#2 Took kitty cat to vet to get checked out, vaccinated, and medicated

Found out kitty cat was not a kitten after all! 
The doc confirmed she's a female and looked at her teeth to tell her age. It shocked me when she said to me that the kitty has all of her adult teeth set in so she's definitely at least 1 year, but by the way they are worn out, she may be closer to 2 years old. I was like "Whattt??? How is that possible? she looks so small!!! I was 100% sure I had a 5 month old kitten here" to which the vet replied "Aww I'm sorry mama, but she's definitely an adult. She is just a petite female and probably has not grown to her full size due to malnutrition." (She kept calling me mama and it felt good). Long story short though, she got all her vaccines, an antibiotic injection, a steroid injection to stop her dermatitis/itching/scratching, flea medicine, and worm medicine. Oh, one highlight from the visit though was when the vet was feeling her big/swollen belly and she said that she might be pregnant or her belly might just be full of worms ("Oh great, not only do we have a full adult female cat, she now might be having babies soon???"). It was a little much to handle. She did say that kitty doesn't have any signs of pregnancy (bigger breasts) or that she cannot feel individual babies in her belly but that she will do a quick ultrasound on her belly just to make sure. When she came with the ultrasound, I was relieved it was just fluid. We do not have any pets in the house and I sure was not prepared to have like 4-5 at once! Oh and this whole time we've had the cat in our basement (1.5 weeks as I mentioned), we've been debating whether we're going to keep her for good or drop her off at an animal shelter.  I was all for keeping her once we get her diagnosed/treated, but my husband wasn't so sure about a random stray cat off the street. We thought we'd do a good deed by just rescuing it from the cold and starvation by putting it at a good shelter. We both love animals but weren't really planning on having any pets in the house for right for over a week, we'd been debating and debating as we fell more in love with this little cuddly kitty cat who just followed us around everywhere and looked so comfortable and happy in our house.
BUT...after I left almost $200 at the vet for her care, yeah, we're definitely keeping her! Haha :-)

Doesn't she look like she's a kitten??? Can't believe the vet said she might be around 2 years old.

#3 Put up and decorated our FIRST Christmas tree together as husband and wife!


Isn't that a nice tree? It's 7.5 feet (almost all the way to the ceiling) and pretty thick / good quality. And guess how much I paid for it? $24.50!!! It was last year after Christmas when everything was 80% off! I did some planning ahead as I knew we would need a Christmas tree for our new house after we get married!

#4 Made a 6 Layer Chicken Gyro Salad 

and posted the recipe this week.

 #5 Made these awesome barbeque ribs


And this lovely pork roast stuffed with prunes


#6 Besides all these interesting things above....

 I've been working at the pharmacy 40 hours/week.
And I've also been reading these books in my spare time.
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands - Dr. Laura Schlessinger 
The Way - Josemaria Escriva (the founder of Opus Dei)

#7 And I am now back at school...

Ready to tackle another challenging pharmacy school quarter. 
This is my 2nd to last quarter (8 of 9) of pharmacy school. 
I can do this! The worst is as they say, it should be "downhill"
Except I can't stay awake in Pharmacy Law class:
I guess I better start being awake or else I'll break federal/state laws and go to jail. 
Ehh...they'd probably throw me into jail nowadays just for being a Catholic pharmacist and being against contraception / emergency Plan B pill / abortion.

And I leave you with my lovely marriage posts! Just in case you're bored :-)

This week I poured out my soul in this post:  
You should read it.
And if you liked the above post, also read this recent one: 

I guess the post-marital bliss / honeymoon high is over. 
 But I still love my husband to death. And God. I love God to death too.



  1. We find that Advantage works very well for fleas for our cat herd.

    1. We got the Revolution from our vet...a free first one and then she said I'd have to buy it if I want to retreat. The Depo Medrol shot made her to stop scratching and I think her 2 flea baths and 1 Revolution treatment did the trick for I don't see any fleas on her...and as I said, she's not scratching crazy like she was. But thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Congratulations on the Cat! I rescued our cat from a shelter. I just couldn't resist his baby blue eyes. That's unusual about her being so tiny, but you know that Grumpy Cat is full grown as well but is extremely tiny. I guess it's the breed.