Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Favorites: Christmas Break Memories

Thanks to Hallie for hosting 5 Favorites

1. Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in Michigan

My parents just recently sold their house in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to rural Michigan! Not too far from the lake so I'm sure it will be fun in the summer. We went there for Christmas Eve. We have a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner called Wigilia (aka Vigil)...which is composed of 12 meals and the traditional sharing of Christmas wafers and well-wishing for the New Year. We arrived on Monday (before Christmas Eve) and took the chance to chop down and load up on some wood for our fireplace. We stayed until mid-day Christmas, after which we went to see the in-laws. 

Wigilia Table all set....with Baby Jesus in the middle, laying in hay.

2. Nights spent by the fireplace

My new favorite spot to study!

Tiger was sleeping next to his head, but was just not caught in the picture. It was too cute. 

When my wedding prints came and I was trying to sort them and frame them.

3. Tiger's  company
Glad we rescued her before the crazy arctic chills overtook Chicago. She might not have survived on the streets with the -20F temp with a Real Feel of -52F .

4. Getting a guitar for Christmas

I still have to learn how to play though. But it was like my dream from childhood to have a guitar...and finally!!!! I took one basic lesson on you tube already...but so far only tuned the guitar. Now to learn to play! I hope to learn some songs so that when we go to our parents' house in Michigan and sit around a bonfire on summer nights, we can all sing.

And giving my hubby this card...which kinda rings true!

5. Having time to cook and bake

Homemade Polish Cauliflower soup!

Homemade Polish Tomato Soup! 
(my husband's absolute favorite dish made by me)

On the left is this cole-slaw like salad except made with red cabbage. It's delicious. 
And below is just some garlic chicken with onions and green peppers.


 Kolaczki making for New Year's Eve party! 
My hubby really wanted to show me how to properly roll out I said fine, have at it!!! He was great at it but not so great at cutting the dough into uniformly sized squares. My first batch looked perfect. His batch went all the way from giant cookies to little tiny baby cookies.
 It was funny as heck!

Picture of the ones that came out pretty

If you want recipes for anything else above, let me know and I'll post them!

And bonus:
View from our house yesterday at approximately 4:30pm. After the Chicago area froze over! It was -19F on Monday morning and the drive to school was literally dangerous because the roads were pure ice in some areas. But at least it looks pretty, especially at sunset :-)


  1. Wow, looks like you had a wonderful time! I would love the Kolaczki recipe!

    1. here it is: