Thursday, January 23, 2014

7QT: Saint Agnes, March for Life, and Nerd Girl Problems Edition

Thanks to Jennifer at for hosting the weekly 7 Quick Takes

#1 January 21 - Feast Day of Saint Agnes - my Patron Saint!

I have this fancy little encyclopedia of Catholic Saints that I bought at Borders back in the day. I'm pretty sure it was on clearance. I forgot about the book until this past week when I decided to check to see if Saint Agnes, my patroness, was in there. And she is! In a few different spots actually! She's in the "Child Saints" section as well as the "Earliest Martyrs of the Church" section. (Here I am referring to Saint Agnes of Rome, which is the more popular St. Agnes that everyone refers to...and it is her feast day on January 21. There is also a less known St. Agnes of Bohemia, FYI)

According to a mini bio of Saint Agnes in the above book, Agnes is "probably the best known child Saint." She was 13 when she died in Rome, because she refused to marry the son of a Roman prefect for the reason that she dedicated herself completely to Christ. After Agnes refused the marriage, she was dragged naked through the streets to a brothel, but as the legend says, her hair grew long to cover her body. One man who tried to rape Agnes was blinded, but she prayed and his sight was returned. When they tried to set her on fire, flames would not burn her, so the Romans ended up killing her by piercing her throat with a sword. She is always portrayed with a lamb to symbolize her purity.                                 

The name Agnes, when translated from Greek, means "The Pure One." I once had a key chain that had this Greek origin of my name written on it. I loved that key chain but it since broke. It reminded me that I was created to be pure! 

When translated from Latin, Agnes comes from the word "Agnus" which means "lamb". This always makes me feel proud at mass because I actually know what they're singing when they  sing "Agnus Dei" or "Lamb of God" in Latin before communion.

I love this Saint and I ask her for intercession for me and for the purity of our marriage all the time! You should too!



#2 Gimme Shelter

Oh, so you know what else is cool? You know how 'Agnes' is a pretty rare name nowadays... (everybody tells me their grandma's or great-grandma's or great-aunt's name is/was Agnes and they have not seen that name forever) Well, have you heard about the movie "Gimme Shelter" coming out this weekend? I've been hearing about it on Relevant Radio (Catholic Radio) for a while now and about how US Catholic bishops are recommending it because of its pro-life message.  Well guess what the name of the main character is??? You got it, Agnes! See the trailer here. The movie is based on a true story and based on what I have heard about it, I am definitely going to see it...hopefully this weekend. Go Agnes! Maybe we can bring the name back. But then again, I like my name being a little bit unique yet traditional at the same time.

#3 Just wondering....

Why is it that when I post a cute picture of my husband and I or of a tasty dish I made or just a random update about work or pharmacy school or our marriage on facebook, I automatically get 30, 40, 50...even up to a 100 likes...but when I post something that defends life...or traditinal marriage....or something related to my Catholic faith... I get like 2 likes (one of them being a priest) or **Silence**
 What what?!?! Oh, this is too controversial for you to have anything to do with??? I get it, what if someone sees that you have a slight bit of interest in defending Your Catholic faith, or worse yet, what IF they get offended by you expressing your faith/values/opinion??? And what if your reputation is ruined??? Puuuuhlease!!!Stand up for something for once, darnit! Who's gonna be the voice for the voiceless if we're all scared of sharing and standing up for what is right??? Who's gonna stand up for you when you're the only one left standing because they have already devoured us, the devout Catholics that were too unafraid of speaking up and ticked off too many people ???

#4 Nerd Girl Problems

All the ones that apply or have applied to me:

Nerd Girl Problem #245234 
Being a assigned a 3-5 page essay, having 12 pages of material.
(This happened to me so many times)

I'm eventually going to try to come up with my own Nerd Girl Problems, 
because I think I might have some funny ones in store.

#5 What happens when I try to cook

But good stuff comes out anyways!

This is a recipe for loaded baked potatoes that I found on pinterest, 
except I added my own person touch to it. My husband loved them. 
And he loved my barbeque ribs too! And the red cabbage slaw.

#6  And you know there has to be an update on the kitty

 Tiger is doing well. I still have to bring her in to get her belly checked out though, because it has been big for a while and the swelling or whatever it is, is not going down. She tested negative for pregnancy and negative for worms. So it might be something more a hairball, maybe? Haha. She's cuddly and loves her new home but she still displays a lot of mean behaviors she learned while trying to survive out on the streetz! But we ain't scared of her....still shower her with kisses even if she growls and hisses! Somebody's gotta show this kitty what love and affection are...and that she no longer need to have her survival skills on... 
Relax kitty, you're home now. And we ain't gonna hurt ya!

#7 Pharm School

This is what happens when you try to fit 50 pages of important information on one piece of paper! 

This was me on Tuesday morning, cramming for my Chemical Principles of Drug Action exam on cancer chemotherapy...part 1. Yes, I love colors when studying. I learn by I extensively highlight, and write, and re-write...and color-coordinate sections and subsections of my notes. And I like having everything in one place. Studying cancer chemotherapy is somewhat like learning a new language though....probably even worse. It was just not sticking. 
But good news! I aced the exam. 
Bad news? Now I feel like I don't remember a single thing anymore (2 days later). 
The beauty of cramming - it all goes into your short-term memory - only to come right out as soon as you walk out of that exam. But don't worry folks, I will know my cancer chemotherapy really well once we cover it in pharmacotherapeutics. This was more like an it was in a med chem class. It will be easier to learn it when we get lectures on it in therapeutics...which is always a good thing!

#7.5 And of course you get the bonus quick take: 

A pic of me trying to drive home in the storm Wednesday evening. 
Don't worry,  I wasn't playing with my phone while driving (prohibited in Illinois since Jan 2014). Traffic was stopped completely, as you would expect in Chicago in blizzard-y, below zero conditions. My cousin, who studies at University of Alaska at Fairbanks, posted on facebook Wednesday morning: "+35 in Alaska, 0 in Chicago." Keep teasing us. 
We'll eventually dig ourselves outta this snow.

And how about reading some of my late posts for lots of fun? 

I recommend the following, but I may be biased :-D

P.S. I have a new marriage tab/page. Just look at the top of my blog!  

Love and blessings!



  1. I have a black cat who loves to sleep in cupboards. It always makes me jump a few feet when I open one and find her there.

    1. Jen, Yesterday I was looking for my cat all over the house....and I jumped when I opened my closet...he was just sleeping there in my clothes! haha our cats are similar!!!!

  2. You know, I felt a prick of conscience when I read #3. I am guilty of clicking "like" for the less-controversial topics but not the faith-related ones. I think that a big part of it is that the introvert in me dislikes sharing on Facebook in general, so I hold back from revealing those things that are deeply felt. Food and sports are harmless sharing for me; abortion and my prayer life give too much away to people who are just casual friends. Does that make sense? It's not so much about avoiding offending people, it's more about not letting them into that part of my life. HOWEVER, you've given me food for thought. After all, I'm pretty sure God wants introverts to evangelize, as well! Thanks and God bless!

  3. I totally understand Colleen. I am a huge introvert and had to overcome some major obstacles to gather enough courage to start publicly display and defend my faith. I'm Catholic and that's who I am....if someone doesn't like that...that's too bad. I live my life for God, not to please people. That' what I have to constantly remind myself whenever I feel compelled to share something that related to my faith but I am hesitant to do it because of 'what will people think about me?'

    God Bless!!!

    1. whoops typos. that's* and that's* .... otherwise I sound ghetto haha