Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes #27: Valentines, Marriage, Exercise, Final Exams

#1 Saint Valentines Day and 6 month-a-versary festivities

I was a busy bee on Friday the 14th, baking some cheesecake for hubby and making other delicious desserts pictured below! He got home from his nightshift around 2am and I was still up waiting for my cheesecake to finish its 4 hour cooling process, so I could pour the chocolate ganache over it. By the way, I posted my recipe and pictures of this lovely cheesecake a few days ago:

Agnes' Dark Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake Recipe


Since hubby worked at night on Valentines' Day, we had to wait until I come home from work on Saturday night to go and celebrate. Two of our friends, pretty much Greg's best friend and my best friend, who are getting married in June (and whose wedding we are standing up in, Greg being the best man) joined us and we all went out to dinner that night.


We went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time ever - and we were all pretty impressed. They had really good steak! And can't complain about the margaritas either, haha! We then came back to our house, watched a movie while eating my cheesecake for dessert. 

 And here is the little one showing off her Valentine's day gift... a new soft and cuddly bed!

#2 Look what arrived in the mail!

It looks nothing [in this crappy cell phone picture] like it does in real life! I ordered this professional canvas print from this website: I read a whole bunch of reviews that compared canvas prints made by walmart, costco, walgreens, shutterfly etc....and this internet printing company was found to have the best quality of the canvas, the best colors, for the best price. I paid $100 + shipping/handling for a 30 inch x 30 inch framed canvas portrait. It is huuuge (see cat for scale haha) and beautiful, as I said, this picture does not do it justice. I highly recommend cgproprints. I will definitely be getting more canvas prints, probably some for our bedroom. This one is for our living room. I'll show you how it looks once I get my hubby to put it up!



#3 Exercising

I tried working out on Wednesday on the elliptical I bought before our wedding and only used 3 times since I bought it....and I thought I was going to die! I only did 10 minutes and I was about to pass out! Am I in that bad of a shape or is the air in my basement low in oxygen? I had to run upstairs quickly to get some air because I started seeing black spots and I just overall didn't feel very well. Hmm...what do you all think about working out in the basement: bad idea or no problem? I just hate the air in our basement. I feel like it's cold, but moist, and low in oxygen. Or maybe I'm just in so bad of a shape that I feel like dying after a 10 minute, moderate intensity, aerobic/cardio workout. I can't wait for Chicago to warm up so I could go jogging outside and not have any tissue oxygenation problems.

I guess I need more of this mindset:

#4 I'm accepting Jen Fulwiler's challenge

I've never done this before. So I'm a little nervous. I could barely get myself to post once a week. But this will be good for me! Challenge accepted! (oh, I just remembered: this coincides with final exams week...whoops, now this is a real challenge inside a challenge!)

#5 I gotta brace myself, FINAL EXAMS are coming.

* cheers to having no life for the next week or so  *


Oh yeah, and you all know you gotta brace yourselves cause Lent is coming, too! It'll be here before you know get working on those resolutions and sacrifices. I'm already thinking long and hard about mine! Don't want to set myself up for failure like I did some other times. I am actually looking forward to lent and cannot wait to offer up some sacrifices for God. I've been living with too much freedom and carelessness lately, and I cannot wait to begin some self-discipline in my life! I need it...badly.

#7 Post Marital Bliss Part Two: 6 months later...

Speaking of celebrating 6 months of marriage, check out my Post-Marital Bliss Part 2 Post, which I wrote this week to commemorate our lovely "half anniversary." In this post, I describe both the blessings and the challenges we have faced so far in our very young marriage. 

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