Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Colorado Pictures and the Beauty of God's Creation

Day 4 of 7 of "the challenge"

I think I'll continue my (almost) wordless tradition from yesterday and just give you some nice pictures to look at today. Why?! .. you ask. Because I have another killer final exam tomorrow. Guess what class? The awful dreaded Chemical Principles of Drug Action class, commonly called by us pharmacy students "Medicinal Chemistry" or "Med Chem." And this quarter it's all about cancer chemotherapy. Why is it awful and dreaded? There are multiple new drugs coming out for many different types of cancer every year, nowadays, since it's such an active area of research. So there is a lot of material to cover and the material doesn't "stick" together or "flow" very nicely either, it's just a bunch of random drug targets, receptors, mutations. Oh, and they just about all have a million different, random, and nasty side effects..and I gotta know 'em all. You pretty much have to cram and memorize every word in those med chem lecture notes. And then you pretty much forget everything you learned the next day...because who cares about med chem? It's not even a part of the NAPLEX - the [also awful, dreaded] board exams we have to take after we graduate, in order to get licensed.

But wow, this post already has too many words for being "wordless." And I'm already procrastinating way too much from studying. I really have to quit being lazy, shut off the internet (is that possible?), and study, study, study...I really don't feel like staying up yet another night. here...go ahead and enjoy some of our pictures from our roadtrip to Colorado (2 days ago, I posted a story about what we stumbled upon / discovered while there. It's a pretty precious least to me). But here is the rest of the pictures. (which I've been meaning to post right after we came back from this trip...over a year ago. So good thing this 7 in 7 challenge is making me finally clean up my drafts folder!)

^^^ Why didn't I take my hand out of my pocket for this picture? I still ask myself. I think I might have been slightly mad at Greg at that particular time...haha yeah, I remember. I guess it was a good idea to take a picture of us facing the other day, so you don't have to see the face of grumpy Agnes ;)

^^ The water was freeeezing in this little mountain creek!!!! Yet I walked all across to the rock in the middle to take a picture. It was freezing but oh so refreshing.

^^^ Totally photobombing the picture...even though I'm not technically behind him.

I call this one: THE ROAD TO HEAVEN

Mountain goats. They wouldn't let us pass haha

Labeling this one: 
"The World is Mine" 
"Standing on top of the world"

With a good friend, whose wedding I am standing up to in June.

With my brother's family and our friends.

Standing at the edge, looking down at God's magnificent creation was amazing. Every single day, every single beautiful mountain and sight we saw, reminded me of GOD. It was so beautiful. And true beauty always reminds me of God. Even breathing in the fresh mountain air and catching the rays of the sun on top of those mountains made me feel so close to He was right there, blessing me with THAT particular MOMENT. It was an indescribable peaceful and beautiful feeling.

^^^ I am so proud of this picture. Doesn't it look professional? I took it all by myself and I did it while we were driving, pretty fast. You can kind of see the impact of motion on the bottom of the picture.

One of my friends pointed out that in this picture, I look as if I wanted to push him down. I really wasn't...I was just trying to hug him ;)

 At this, apparently famous, brewery in Dillon, Colorado. We brought some good beer back too!

The End

Hope you enjoyed it



  1. Beautiful pictures! looks like it was a fun trip too. I am from Alberta, which is a similar landscape to CO, and the gorgeous HUGE sky gets me all.the.time! Your pictures really capture it! Thanks for sharing. Also, hope your exam(s) go (and went) well!

    1. Oh wow!!! I see that in your main blog picture: that landscape behind you guys is gorgeous (snowy mountains = my favorite). I love Colorado... I would totally move there had I not had like a million family members here in Chicago.

    2. Oh, and I just realized you are talking about Alberta in Canada! Silly me, I thought you were talking about a city in the US. But wow, perhaps I should consider Alberta for our next roadtrip. Would you recommend? (I've only been to Toronto and a few other cities in Ontario in Canada...but pretty flat there)

    3. I highly recommend the Canadian Rockies in Alberta. It's been 20 years since I've been there but they're amazing.

  2. Wow! Colorado is absolutely stunning! God is such an amazing Creator! Hope your big exam goes well!

  3. It reminds me of places I visited when I lived in Montana (2005-2010).

  4. Wow, this makes me want to go there!!! You take some great pictures too! Love that road to heaven and the one you took while driving!

  5. Thanks everyone for your kinds comments! God sure is a wonderful Creator!!!!