Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Tips for Lent from "The Way" by Josemaria Escrivas

I loved Saint Josemaria Escrivas' (The Founder of Opus Dei, for those who are not familiar with him) book "The Way." The book consists of very easy to read (conversational style) tips that help us walk "The Way" to holiness. St. Josemaria gives tons and tons of tips that one can employ in every day life...tips that will slowly, but surely, make one wiser, more disciplined, and holier...and thus closer to God.
From the author's preface:
"Read these counsels slowly. Pause to meditate on these thoughts. They are things that I whisper in your ear-confiding them-as a friend, as a brother, as a father. And they are being heard by God. I won't tell you anything new. I will only stir your memory, so that some thought will arise and strike you; and so you will better your life and set out along ways of prayer and of Love. And in the end you will be a more worthy soul."

Tip #1 Do Not Argue

(I failed at this last weekend)



Tip #2 Do Not Gossip

Tip #3 Persevere in Prayer

Tip #4 Exercise self-discipline

(in routine activities such as waking up as well as your specific lenten resolutions)



Tip #5 Do not worry about what others think
or say.....KEEP ON DOIN' GOOD!

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Love, Agnes


  1. I LOVE Josemaria Escriva! I always sit down to read The Way, and plan to read a lot of it. But each statement is so powerful that I have to sit there ant think about it.

    1. I agree completely!!!! I wanted to get through the book fast but it ended up taking a good few months... I could only read a little bit at a time...then leave it...then pick it up again much later. And yes, some of those (or actually, MOST of those) statement in there are so simple, yet SO POWERFUL that you literally have to STOP reading and think about that sentence for like 5-10 minutes. And it's crazy how many of them we can relate to! I sat there with a highlighter every time and highlighted all of the ones that stood out to me particularly... And I'm planning on typing those out and focusing on them to help me change my bad habits, sins, and imperfections.

  2. My husband and I have the books In Conversation with God, by a priest who quotes St. Escriva frequently. It's a good spiritual tush-kicking each day, and it sounds like The Way is the same... Thanks for the things to ponder and put to work!

    1. Oh, I'll have to look into that book!! St. Escriva definitely pushes us in ways that we have not been pushed before!!!! And I love it! Thanks for stopping by Monica!

  3. The Acts We Perform and the People We Become:Fr.Robert Baron
    ..............."Every time I perform a moral act, I am building up my character, and every time I perform an unethical act, I am compromising my character. A sufficient number of virtuous acts, in time, shapes me in such a way that I can predictably and reliably perform virtuously in the future, and a sufficient number of vicious acts can misshape me in such a way that I am typically incapable of choosing rightly in the future.
    This is not judgmentalism; it is a kind of spiritual/moral physics, an articulation of a basic law. We see the same principle at work in sports. If you swing the golf club the wrong way enough times, you become a bad golfer, that is to say, someone habitually incapable of hitting the ball straight and far. And if you swing the club correctly enough times, you become a good golfer, someone habitually given to hitting the ball straight and far.
    John Paul put his finger on a problem typical of our time, namely, that people think that they can do lots of bad things while still remaining, deep down, “good persons,” as though their characters are separable from the particular things that they do.".................

  4. Love this quote from Father Baron. I also really really love Father Baron and I get kinda jealous of how smart he is, haha!