Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes #31



I'm very much buried in pharmacy school assignments and have some tests coming up, so I'm going to have to make this week's Quick Takes what they are meant to be: QUICK.  I have to write a 5 page Drug Information Consult paper, all based on original clinical research, have a quiz coming up in pharmacokinetics, and on the same day, an exam in pharmacotherapeutics. Oh....and 2 days after those two, I have 2 other papers due.  

Remember how I used to always complain about med chem aka drug structure evaluation class? Well, after 5 exhausting quarters of is now OVER. Thank God. But now I have pharmacokinetics. I have always been a math wiz (I was a mathlete in High School and I helped our school win regional championships 4 years in a row) but integrating math, therapeutics, and pharmacy dosing kinetics is a bit much. But apparently, it's important in the hospital when you're monitoring someone's drug levels to make sure they're getting treated with the appropriate dose, but not exceeding the toxic threshold of the medication. So, PK is the new bane of my existence, haha! But no complaining Agnes, it's Lent!



Is it me, or has it been winter for like 6 months now??? Come on Midwest (Chicago especially!), warm up already. All this sitting-at-home-on-my-butt-all-the-time for so many months straight is causing me to feel very I have no motivation to do anything! (Plus, according to new research, I might get a blood clot by all this sitting and not moving my blood around.) I just want to be able to go on a walk outside with my husband and go jogging outside and oxygenate my brain and tissues after like 6 months of them practically hibernating! Not only has it been winter for like 6 months...we have only had a handful of days where it was actually above freezing. No likey. I need some vitamin D, oxygen, and sanity back in my life.


I found pictures on my phone that I took at my pharmacy school / university during 3 different seasons....and once again realized how badly I am over winter.

Midwestern University in late spring / early summer


Midwestern University in Fall


Midwestern University in winter

Now....can we go back to green grass and sunshine again? By the way, this will be my last spring on campus. A little depressing....(YES, I will actually miss school, I know I will. #NerdGirlProblems)


Going along with cabin fever and because this post has to be quick and I still have 3 more Quick Takes to fill is some more pictures I found on my phone of things I am missing TERRIBLY about summer.


Our Pool is surely missed
The pool which we broke before we fixed it because we're such geniuses...but that's a whole another story. I swear this winter has been so long that I seriously almost forgot we had a pool until I looked out the patio door the other day (hey...we're pretty fresh to this house...and only used the pool for one one can forget haha)

My plants are missed
But I'm even more excited about this year, because hubby and I are planning on starting a veggie garden! Yaaayyy!!! We cook a lot so it'll be awesome to use our own garden veggies!

Burgers fresh off the grill are very much missed! Come on summer!



What have we been up to?

Just watching our wedding video a million times over! Haha. We got it last month and probably played it like 5-6 times already (it's 4+ hours of footage). It really turned out great. I didn't cry the first, or even the second time I watched it. But then the third time I watched it, all by myself, I cried at this one particular very cute part where it's just me and him, holding hands and walking and smiling at each other and laughing and running into each other's arms. Too much cuteness!


#6 Touching

I went to my brother's house and was surprised to see these pieces of art hanging up on their pantry door. My 8 and 6 year old nieces made these. My brother said that they made them right after a really bad tornado hit their area a few months back. Wow. I'm glad to see that little ones like them understand that it is important to Thank God for just being alive...and not just for material things etc.


And while you're at it, also read about what a fool I am! It'll make you feel better about yourself and assure you never mistreat your husband the way I do :-)

May the peace of Christ be with you!


  1. that is the most perfect looking burger I've ever seen! Totally want one now but its Friday! AHHHH

  2. Your campus is so beautiful!

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