Thursday, March 13, 2014

7QT: What is currently on my bookshelves...and beyond

Thanks to Jen for hosting!

I decided to write a post featuring my most prized possession: our huge bookcase.

It is probably my favorite thing in the whole entire house...
Except our bed. Haha

#1 The Whole Bookcase looks like this

Took me hours and hours to organize and categorize this bookcase to where it makes sense and looks decent. I tried to not make it super boring...where there are just stacks of books, all standing vertically next to each other. I varied the way I lay down the books and I also categorized the different types of books I have (Catholic, secular fiction, educational, cookbooks, etc) and put them in separate sections. Feel free to steal ideas of how to organize your books!

I think this bookcase was probably the first real piece of furniture that my husband and I bought and assembled together. We bought it at Ikea and, as you probably already know, everything you get at ikea comes in a million pieces. We picked out 5 different bookcase units, used our creative little brains to come up with a design of how we want it to look,  and and we put them all together to form this giant. At first, when I was still back at my parents' house, I just had the little tiny bookcase that is all the way to the right (or the one to the left...same thing) of this one. Then when we moved, we made a trip back to ikea to look at the same style of bookcases and found several different units that we could use to make our own personal bookshelf assembly. So I bought one more little one, two more of the regular sized bookcases that are on either side of the glass bookcase, and the glass bookcase to go in the middle...which I thought would make the whole assembly look nice and have more character.

The reason why I like it so much is because not only did we personalize the bookcase itself when picking out the shelving at Ikea, but the objects it holds are also very personal and really can tell you a lot about us. It's the single most knowledgeable piece of furniture in our house: it can tell you more about who we are than all the other rooms/furniture in the house combined. The four most important things that it will probably tell you about me/us is that:

1) We love to travel (hence the souvenirs and keepsakes from various vacations) 
2) We love to cook (hence the cookbooks)
3) I'm very serious and in love with my Catholic faith (hence the multiple Catholic books, prayer books, and various Catholic items)
4) I'm very scholarly serious about my education a big NERD

So following is a personal, up-close, tour of my lovely bookcase...

#2 The very top = vacation souvenirs, pictures, and dolphins

You will notice that I love dolphins. I have been collecting dolphins since like 3rd grade. I already donated about half of them and still have some stored away in my crawlspace. I did not want to crowd up our new house with my old maybe I'll take some more out of storage when I have kids...perhaps one of them will take after mommy and like dolphins as well.

#3 The Far Left =  the "Education"Section

All of my books from AP courses in high school, undergraduate pre-pharmacy courses, as well as medical/pharmaceutical books. A lot of the medical and pharmacy reference books I was able to get for free from our school library, since they were giving away older versions and replacing with the most current ones. Medicine and pharmacology are constantly changing  and new research is coming our library constantly gives away volumes of older books.

#4 The Near Left = Miscellaneous

Top: Honeymoon souvenirs; stuffed rat, carebears, and chipmunk 
(it's Alvin, but I lost his red "A" sweater so now he's naked)
Bottom: Cookbooks and some Catholic books

Up-close picture of our honeymoon souvenirs. 
My fingerpainted masterpiece that I painted all by myself 
when they offered a "Clase de Pintura" on the side of the pool. 
And a bottle of the traditional Dominican MamaJuana.

A VHS tape of my 1st communion
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Our Wedding DVD (yes, we just got it!!!!)
"The Lord's Prayer"
A little treasure chest made of shells from Florida
Printer, paper, Pharmacy school binders

Pharmacy school binders intertwined with binders of documents and bills

#5 The Middle Glass Bookcase = more vacation souvenirs

Vacation (mostly Florida) souvenirs and photos
and dolphins, dolphins, dolphins from my childhood collection

High school medals, pins, accomplishments, and pictures of graduation. 
Notice the picture on the lower left: Yes that's me giving a valedictorian speech to 
our class of 400+ students! Told you I'm a nerd.

Top: Greg's collection of shotglasses from different states and points of interest we visited
Bottom: polish highlander doll, polish highlander shepherd's axes aka Ciupaga from Zakopane, Poland. Picture and shotglasses from Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

#6 The Near Right

Top: Secular books / novels 
(Featuring my Harry Potter Collection. 
All 7 books in English, and books 5, 6, and 7 in Spanish)
Bottom: Catholic Books and Spanish Dictionaries

Top: 1 Corinthians 13 printed on canvas
Bottom: Catholic Books and tea light candles inside the green box (I use them when I pray)

Top: Catholic Prayer books, basket full of random stuff,
little black case that holds my guitar accessories
Bottom: Mostly photo albums

#7 The far right

 School Diplomas
Various graduation awards: 
"Outstanding Spanish student," 
"Outstanding Science Student," 
and "Valedictorian."

"My 21st Birthday in Vegas" photobook and more dolphins 

Picture of us and some Catholic/Christian books

Guitar! Which was my Christmas present


Living Room TV case = Mostly wedding keepsakes

Pictures...and more dolphins!

Top of our fireplace: 

photo + the roses (dried) that Greg gave me on our wedding day!

One reason why I wrote this post is that I would like to have these pictures to compare them to what I have on this same bookcase (and in these other places around the house) in the future....As I keep buying more books....As we collect more keepsakes when we go on vacations, etc. I love looking at old photos and seeing how our lives have evolved since then.

Have a great weekend! Agnes


  1. These bookshelves are gorgeous! I love how you arranged them. Every time I try to do a fun arrangement, I get mad that I can't fit as many books as I want. Well done

    1. Thanks so much Ann-Marie! I am pretty proud of this bookcase arrangement! I treasure it and I get so excited everytime I order a new book and get to place it among all the others!