Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How cousins can be best friends...in pictures!

I totally failed the 7 posts in 7 days challenge....by one day!!!! I didn't get a chance to post yesterday and just missed the goal!  So I'm posting now...even though it's midnight and I should be sleeping!

My cousin Lidia and I, have been best friends since diapers.

Back when we lived in Poland. Let's see..I think I was 4 in that picture...so 1994?
But really, we have been best friend since `90...the year I was born :-)

We would always, always, always play together, eat together, even sleep together!!!! I remember, we would drag backpacks full of barbies, barbie clothes, and accessories, to each other's houses and then play for days. We would put together and lay out puzzles that would sometimes cover the whole living room floor. We would play outside together all the time! She is just a year older than me so it was perfect!

When we were in our early teens, we kept being best friends!

We loved taking crazy pictures together!
So we would do crazy things together when sleeping over
...to have fun and to take tons of crazy pictures!

When we were 15-16 years old, we would do EVERYTHING together. We shopped together too, so about 50% of our wardrobes were matching! Although we always had very, very different personalities, surprisingly, we had similar taste in clothes and also got along perfectly well (except those few times we fought or gave each other silent treatment...probably over some dumb boy that didn't even deserve one or the other's attention). 

But yes, we dressed the same and we enjoyed it! 

We were like twins!

Here we are in our traditional Polish Highlander Outfits

 New Year's Eve 2006
I had already met my then-future hubby Greg, and was going to the New Year's Eve ball with him as a date....but she has not yet met her hubby....but soon after that she would.

And so in late 2006 (I was 16 and Lidia was 17), I started dating my now-husband, and probably 3 months after that, Lidia found the love of her life.

And so we went our separate ways :-(
We would still hang out but not as often and usually not just the two of us together. We went on some double dates though. But as the years went on, we became so enamoured with our boyfriends and then fiances, and so busy planning for the future, that we kind of stopped talking on a regular basis.

 But then Lidia got married and I was her Maid of Honor!

And I read the First Reading at her wedding

And when I got married
Her baby girl was my flower girl!

And she read the First Reading for us

And when she had her baby boy, she asked me to be his Godmother...
And so we celebrated the baptism of Marcel this past January..and now I have a Godchild!


And that's the story of our friendship. Hopefully it continues for many years to come!
May God bless her and her family of four so far!


  1. That's so special! Cousins can be the most wonderful friends!! Also, LOVE all the bright colours in the wedding pictures! Amy