Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Break To Do's and More on Lenten Resolutions

Right off the bat, this post doesn't sound exciting.
Who wants to hear about chores and to do's?
You'd probably much rather read about some exotic spring break trip, than about how I need to do some spring cleaning and put some organization and discipline back into my life in general, my schedule, and house.....and...most especially, all my school paperwork and my millions of binders.

BUT, I got up at 5am - wait, scratch that - 4:50am and have nothing to do. I finally got done with my final exams yesterday and my husband forced me to go take a nap when I came home from my last exam. He has seen me studying hard this whole week and barely getting any sleep.

What Pharmacy school final exams week looks like

I wasn't keeping track of my sleep in the beginning of the week, but I know that in the last 3 days (or 72 hours) I only got 10-11 hours of sleep (2hours on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, and 4-5 on Thursday night). So as soon as I came home yesterday around 3pm, as my hubby was leaving for work, he explicitly told me NOT to clean the house, NOT to do laundry, NOT to do anything (he knew I had been planning on doing those things because when I have finals, the housework gets abandoned)...he begged me like 3 times before he left to just go straight to sleep. So, being a good obedient wife, I went to sleep. I slept from 6pm-1am. Then I went downstairs and was surprised that my husband had just come home from work, and said that he didn't want to wake me because I was sleeping on my back, with my hands up above my a cat. Apparently, I looked like this:

My parents' cat Filip, when he was a little guy.

 We went back to sleep around 3am but I could not fall asleep. I guess my 7 hour nap earlier was sufficient to regenerate my energy. I laid there  until I decided that there is no way I will fall asleep and that I am also really craving tea. So now I'm here with my tea, in my bathrobe, writing this blog post...and it's a little after 6am, and I don't have to start getting ready for work until 8. So I get to lay out my life plan for the next week for you right here.

Before I dive in to start organizing my house and my school papers, I must organize my thoughts and arrange what projects I will be doing on what days. I have to do it that way...I have to literally sit down and make a list of what I HAVE to get done for EACH specific day...or else I know, and I know, and I know...that it will NOT get done.

I use the little e-calendar that comes as part of the standard apps on my macbook laptop. When you look at my to do list on the side of the calendar...90% of those to do's are the same exact ones as you would have found there at this time last year. There are some big projects as well as some stupid little tedious things that I have been procrastinating at getting done. And I'm tired of seeing them on my calendar every day, every week, every month. I guess I have been waiting for some magical moment where I all of a sudden get this wind of motivation and inspiration to get it all done...but that ain't happening.

I don't need motivation, I need self-discipline.

Since my spring break coincides with the start of lent, and a lot of my lenten resolutions involve not only a lot of self-control, but especially a lot of self-discipline..I think starting off my lent with making myself do something I don't want to do, something that requires some work and effort, is a good idea.

Even though I posted a list of ideas for this year's lent: Lenten Resolutions for the Body and Soul,  I myself have not decided what crosses SPECIFICALLY I want to undertake this lent. The one I know for sure, as I explained in the above-mentioned post, is abstinence from social media. Also, something in the "physical sacrifice" department, as I have been really, really lazy and it has been making me feel really tired and fatigued all the time. I decided it's time for a change. God doesn't want a lazy servant. I will commit to exercise (it's a BIG commitment for me, I haven't exercised on a regular basis for a long, long time. All I do is sit on my butt either in lecture or at home studying). Again, self-discipline. I will probably not give up coffee, because that's just a bad idea and I know that I would fail by like day 3. Also, as all other years...I will definitely be going to Stations of the Cross on Fridays. I have still yet to figure out exactly what I want to do, being careful that I don't commit to too much and set myself up for failure right from the start. But facebook definitely has got to has been running my life a little bit too much.

So, basically, these are the things that need to get done in the upcoming week of spring break. I will break them down for myself in my own calendar, by day, but here is a general list (keep in mind I'll also be working 30+ hours this week):

  • Deep clean the house 
  • Take cat to vet on Tuesday (suspecting a UTI or bladder infection...she's been peeing in random places and has had dark urine. Anyone know if my suspicion is right or if it's something else?)
  • Organize all my existing school binders by subject (now I have separate binders for each quarter of pharm school and it's very hard to find anything when I need to look something up)
  • Make new binders for all my notes from the last 2 quarters
  • Make 1 huge binder for all of my condensed study guides for the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacists Licensure Examination aka board exam), which is coming up after graduation
  • Organize all the pharmacy school folders and lecture notes on my macbook, and upload them to dropbox, for easy access to information right on my phone, when I'm on the go, especially on rotations
  • Create one comprehensive/cumulative study guide from all my individual study guides for easier studying for board exams
  • Organize my bookshelves 
  • Organize my pantry (I already bought bins and containers, just have to start using them)
  • Fill out FAFSA for 2014-15 student loans
  • Design and order photo books from our wedding for our parents
  • Look up free apps to help me organize my life (any suggestions here?)
  • Start exercising and track my progress in the special little pocket calendar I bought on clearance for 25 cents
  • Be fat on fat Tuesday
  • Get my ashes on' on Ash Wednesday
  • Immunization and CPR online self-study (since next week we will be getting CPR and Immunization trained and certified) (How exciting?! NOT. I hope I don't pass out when I try to give my first shot to my partner haha...I'll be giving 2 Intramuscular and 1 Subcuteanous vaccines)

It doesn't look too bad but it's a misperception. I do need to reorganize the binder contents so it is
easier for me to look up information quickly when I need it for school projects, work, and rotations.

I had a lot more to do's but just realized that when I updated my software on my macbook, the new calendar decided to get rid of my to do list. And I don't know how to retrieve it. But I think that's enough to keep me busy this week.

Oh more

My husband picked it up last Sunday but he's been patiently waiting for me to finish finals so we could watch it together. So this Sunday is our official wedding video watching day. I absolutely cannot wait to see it!!!! By the way, I'm not too pleased with the DVD cover picture of the video that the videographer made...The picture on it is very blurred and the cover just had no design to it at all. So I decided to design one myself and it looks so much better!

And to leave you with something funny (at least to me)...this is how I take notes when I'm aggravated by the topic or stressed out:
Just pay attention to the highlighted and the notes in red

And I'll be back tomorrow for the final day, day 7 of 7, of the blogging challenge.


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