Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Latest Pharmacy School Achievements

See Hallie for more 5 favorites!

A lot has been happening in pharm school lately, since I am now in my last quarter of didactic learning! 5 more weeks to go and then real life *tear, sob, whine* ..then off goes the young birdy, outta the nest, and onto a year of experiential education aka pharmacy rotations. Here are my latest pharmacy school achievements and other cool pharmacy things:

#1 Being all grown up and so darn cool to be on rotation at Rush Hospital

Pharmacy Rotation at Rush University Medical Center

Right smack downtown in Chicago!

I am soooo excited to be able to learn at this hospital, alongside some of the best clinicians. The 1hour 40 minute drive downtown on the first day was not fun, but this week my plan is to get on the highway before 6am (before all highways leading to Chicago become standstill) and get there by 7am and just study for an hour and a half...until I meet with my preceptor at 8:45am and then go on rounds at 9am.

#2 Even more cool with my Rush badge. 
OMG... This was probably the most exciting part of our first day on the rotation site.  
(Okay, okay, hearing about what our preceptor does and how he helps to save lives of critically ill and/or dying patients because he is a CCU (Critical Care Unit) pharmacist was even cooler.

Clinical Rotation at Rush University Medical Center
through Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy

#3  Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots


I'm officially immunization certified through APhA (America Pharmacists' Association).

I even gave my pharmacy manager a pneumovax shot last weekend (this was my first shot in real life, beyond our immunization training) and she said she didn't even feel it! I was so proud of myself! I really was. I'm so excited. I overcame my fear of blood and needles and I can totally give shots and they don't even hurt!

 #4 I got a thousand bucks from Walgreens! Cool
(Charles Walgreen Pharmacy scholarship)

And this coming Friday is our award ceremony. I made hubby take off work to go with me and be proud of his nerdy wifey and takes tons of pics of her ;-) Be on the lookout for pictures!

At least it's a $1000 off the heart-attack-worthy pharm school tuition haha


# 5 I gotta mention this little kitty of mine. 

He has been following me every single step of the way...and been with me while studying for exams and writing annoying Drug Consult papers. Thanks kitty...we're glad we found you just as you are glad you found us!



Love, Aggie :-)

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