Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes #32


#1 I had to skip the weekly 7 Quick Takes last week.

Because I was up until 4am writing a DI (Drug Information) Consult paper!
I slept for 3 hours, then got right back up at 7am to finish writing it. I had no idea it would take so long to write, so I, unfortunately had to skip my morning therapeutics lecture that went from 9-11am, since my paper was due at noon.I turned in my paper, then went to a 2 hour lecture on diabetes, and that was my Friday.

"But why didn't you write your paper earlier Agnes?" you may wonder



 #2 I started my first clinical specialty rotation
at Rush University Medical Center last Thursday!

My first day on rotation was sooooo cool and so exciting! I was so fascinated with all that went on and all that I was learning all day long. I wrote about this here: 5 Latest Pharmacy School Achievements. Meanwhile, here is some more pictures. 

The mugshot they took for my name badge at Rush

All the students on Rush pharmacy rotation with me..and I (second from left)


#3 Weekend on the farm in Michigan

 Last weekend, my husband and I went out to Michigan to visit my parents and their new ducklings! Yes, I can now officially say they live on a farm...with a one dog, two cats, 15 ducklings, and now little chicks newly-acquired-this-week as well.

 I was so excited to feed them! They're so darn cute! They also followed me was pretty cool.

I took the doggie for a walk. This used to be my doggie when I lived with my parents. I got her for my 16th birthday...But she was so used to my parents and she slept with them every night that we did not bring her along into our new house. Now I visit her and she gets so happy when she sees me.

My brother and husband built a shed for the ducklings...all in one day!


#4 Meatless Friday Lenten Snacks

My friend (bridesmaid) came over the other Friday to watch the wedding video and to catch up with me since I pretty much have not seen her since our wedding in August. I had a hard time figuring out what to make for food since it was a Friday. So I ended up making yummy veggies sandwiches, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, and some baked goods!

Mini Veggie sandwiches

Meatless Lenten Snacks



Spring finally found its way to Chicago after a 6 month winter! Took it to my advantage and decided to wake up my body from this winter's hibernation and to oxygenate both my muscles and my brain via a 3 mile jog around the neighborhood. (Of course I ran and walked intermittently...don't worry, I did not just spring into running 3 miles after a 6 month long hibernation. Even though I walked a lot...I have still been sore and feeling every muscle in my body for the past 2 days. Today, I could barely get out of bed in the morning. But it felt good to jog...the sunshine in my face and smell of spring in the air!)


Yesterday I went to adoration and to confession. As always, it lifted a weight off my heart and it was very refreshing and renewing! Here are some amazing things that confession does for/in us.

The Benefits of Confession. Father John Hardon


Today was my second Thursday on rotation at Rush. Today, all of us students actually split up and were assigned to different types of pharmacists on different units of the hospital. I got to shadow a pharmacist and a pharmacy resident on the oncology unit...which is found in this brand new building of Rush UMC.

We went on rounds with the main attending doctor, two physician's assistants (PA's), and 3 physician residents that actually presented all the patient cases to us. It was very cool to witness all that goes on and all the decisions that have to be made by health care professionals about patients' lives every minute of every day..but it was also kind of depressing to see and hear about cancer patients...a lot of them end-stage or not responding to treatment. 

Then our preceptor gave us some time to eat lunch and work on our patient care plans and patient case presentations (the two big projects we have to deliver within the next few weeks). After that, we all went to this talk that a pharmacist was giving on the new treatment guidelines of hypertension, cholesterol, and heart failure. That was on the 14th floor of the "tower building" and it gave us a beautiful view of downtown Chicago. Anyways, the lecture was in a small conference room and it was more like a round table discussion with 14 students sitting around the table as well as the pharmacist.  I happened to be sitting right next to the lecturer and she happened to be probably about 8 months pregnant. I tried hard to pay attention to what she was saying but really, I found myself staring at her beautiful belly in amazement and just her whole person...she was glowing. It has been increasingly hard to have to tell myself that I need to wait to be done with school to have a baby. I have been having some serious baby fever over here. I don't know why I feel this way but I just do. I absolutely cannot wait to be pregnant!!!! I daydream about it all the time haha. Hopefully these next months will pass by quicky so I can finally fill my heart with the love it has been yearning for lately! :-)

And that is all, folks!  Leave some love in the comments!



  1. Okay so I started reading in March and based on your bookcase we'd be best friends. (Polish, Catholic, Vacation Souvenirs, Harry Potter just switch the academic books to Theater Academic books and that's my book shelf!) But all I want to say now is DUCKLINGS!

    1. Omg Madeline!!! hello sister soul! :-) Nice to meet you ;-)