Thursday, May 8, 2014

7 Quick Takes #35 on Dinner, Dessert, Ducks, Pills, School, and SOTG

I really don't have the time or energy to write the weekly 7QT post but at the same time I hate missing it! So to keep the updates on my life are some random pictures from my phone. I mean really, really random. 

I still have to write a rotation summary (it was my last day at RUMC for my P-3 clinical rotation) and I have a patient simulation lab tomorrow for which I am still completely unprepared. Hence, the short and sweet quick takes.

 #1 Some of our latest Homestyle Gourmet Cuisine 



 #2 I have been baking my life away
(instead of's new)

#3 My parents' ducklings are getting big! 

(this is actually an outdated picture too....they're even bigger!)

#4 This little kitty o' mine thinks she's the boss of everything

(sorry guys. You have your kids to post photos of...I kinda have to settle with taking photos of my cat for now. As I already mentioned before..I'm kind of afraid to see just how many pictures of my kids I will be snapping since now I snap pictures of my cat every day haha)

Boss of the office

Boss of the bathroom
(she likes to drink water out of the sink instead of her bowl)

Boss of my bed
She's waaaay too cute for me to NOT let her sleep on my bed.
But I do only let her take naps there, and not sleep with us at night.  

Boss of me


#5 Pretty pills I encountered at work

I have never seen this medication before so I was a little bit surprised when I opened the bottle.  But this is Diclegis....a medication used to prevent/treat nausea/vomiting of pregnancy. And they put a pregnant lady on each pill...soo cute!

#6 Some pictures in honor of it being my last week of pharm school classes. EVER.

This is what happens when you show up to class waaaaay too early

And this is what happens when you show up to class waaaay late (gotta sit on the floor in the back)

And this is what happens when you show up to the library right when it opens its doors in the morning.

Got the whole library to myself.

That's the way I like it!

#7 Check out my #SOTG post of epic selfies and pictures with Jen Fulwiler's book!

And if you're interested, also check out my post about organizing your makeup and jewelry

Have a lovely weekend ya'll!

Yours truly, Agnes


  1. Those pills are hilarious. As someone who was ├╝ber sick during pregnancy, that would make me smile about taking them. Oh my goodness, your cooking and baking looks amazing. Yum and yum. I also love getting to the library right when it opens. The quietness is awesome.

  2. I love all your baking. Looks great. Hope your last week of classes went well!