Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes about Facebook, Easter, Spring, and Gardening

Alright, I got exactly 17 minutes to write this Quick takes post, before I have to get out of bed like a ninja and start getting ready for school. Ready? Set? Go!


Facebook on Easter

This is what happened as soon as I came back to facebook on Easter. Instead of seeing "Happy Easter" posts, the first things I saw were these:

I'm guessing this one is made to poke fun at Catholics for
"worshipping" statues and not the real Jesus.

Obviously, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Yeah, except the word Easter is pretty much only used in the English language. Other languages use a word that stems from the word "Pascha" or passover. Also, Catholics do not celebrate the easter bunny or easter eggs - those were added to commercialize and materialize Easter. For us, it's all about Jesus. Oh, and eggs = sign of new life, and not of fertility and sex!

At the point of seeing this image above, I was done. Instead of rejoicing over the risen Christ, facebook ruined my mood that soon as I opened it after coming back from the Resurrection mass at 5:30am. And then ever since I came back, all I have been doing on facebook is wasting time reading idiotic posts and that's making me wish I never came back. So...I'm actually thinking about just giving up facebook again for a while. Maybe until school is over, at least.



Reason #1 why I love spring: Gardening and pretty flowers

After my gardening shopping spree. It made me so happy.

 Marriage apparently turned me into a WANNABE gardener. I totally went all out when shopping the other day and got myself a bunch of gardening tools and a bunch of seeds.  I am so excited about starting my first very own garden!!! It's so exciting to plant my own seeds and now water them every day and watch for them to break out of their shells and sprout sprout sprout.I planted some spring flowers out front and did some landscaping work with my husband. Pictures coming soon. I also planted some veggies seeds in little containers for right now, because we don't have a garden set up in the backyard just yet. We are planning on setting up a garden together with my husband next week.

And these are the pretty flowers my aunt made for my niece's first communion. This is the same aunt that made my wedding flowers.



Reason #2 why I love spring: Spring cleaning and organizing

Deep cleaned the house

Finally cleaned out my fridge.
There was so much dust and spilled condiments/food on the side shelves.
Went out and bought some bins at the dollar store and organized my utensils drawer.


Reason #3 why I love spring: Jogging OUTSIDE

Finally woke up from my hibernation and started jogging outside regularly since it warmed up a little bit in Chicago (scratch that, this week was constantly in the 40s-50s...and we still had snow the week before Easter). I thought I was going to have to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Easter.
 Jogging has really been giving me a lot of energy and really oxygenating not only my body but also my brain.  I can study a lot better, I feel a lot better, and it allows me to sweat off not only my fat but also may stress. I have gained over 10 pounds since our wedding last August and I really want to lose those pounds back. I have been feeling very fatigued and lethargic all winter due to my lack of physical activity and probably because of the long winter as well. I cannot even describe to you how fatigued and robbed of energy I was almost every day this winter.... when I came home all I wanted to do is just roll right into bed. My mind rebelled but I just couldn't help it but take a lot of naps ("The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak"). It really sucked. Going outside and jogging and breathing in the lovely Spring air is really waking up my body and my brain, and it is making a world of a difference in how I feel. I have also been over eating a lot and just stuffing my face with random junk and just eating really late at night. Basically, I'm always hungry and I always follow my hunger impulse.  It's my husband and my fault also because we cook a lot and we cook in big amounts and then we always strive to eat everything we cook since we hate wasting food. And it's time to stop. Along with my commitments to jogging most days of the week I also am taking a serious look at intermittent fasting and possibly not eating past a certain hour at night to both exercise my body but also strengthen my will.


#1 Reason why I don't like spring: FINALS are coming

Study, study, study while drooling over being able to go outside
No bueno.


For further reading material...I wrote this reflection about marriage yesterday. If you're bored, go read it ;-)

Yeah, this post was totally not 17 minutes! More like an hour. I had to stop, get out of bed and dressed like a ninja, make coffee, drive to school, arrive at my therapeutics lecture, and take another 45 minutes of lecture to finish it...instead of listening. Eh, I learn better by reading on my own, rather than listening, anyway.

Well have a great weekend ya'll. And leave some love in the comments.

P.S. Amazon is being a super duper slow snail about shipping out my Something Other than God (#SOGT) book by Jennifer Fulwiler, but I'm sincerely hoping that when I get home today, I will find the long-awaited package on my doorstep and dig in! I also can't wait to enter the contests aka take the most epic selfie with #SOGT! :-)


  1. I love seeing the pictures of your notes. I think that is the nerd in me. The flowers are beautiful, and way to go on the deep clean!

    1. Haha and as you know, i love taking pictures of my notes!!! yay we can be nerds together!!!

  2. I had to laugh...marriage has also made me a wannabe gardener! My mail carrier tells me I planted my green beans too think I'd read a book about gardening or something instead of just planting whatever I want whenever I want. Good luck with your garden!

    1. Thank you !!! it's just been so terribly cold in Chicago nothing wants to sprout!!! the weather is killin my plants!

  3. Oh I am so glad you don't kill plants. I absolutely do. :) Study hard, it will be worth it! I'm sure you'll do great!

    1. Haha, I have killed a few plants myself. But now that I'm a wannabee gardener, I actually care about my plants and tend to them every day. haha

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