Thursday, May 15, 2014

7QT about My Mother on Earth, My Mother in Heaven, Gardening, and Random pictures

 Hi guys! I'm still in survival mode and actually really worried, specifically about my upcoming therapeutics final. It's on oncology...cancer chemo. Very important but so.very.complicated. Each drug has a million side effects. And there are a million different drugs. And they all work by different mechanisms. And they're all used in specific situations...a lot of those being trial & error because the cancer is not responding. So I'm going to try to keep this week's 7QT short and sweet...for the sake of my grades...and my sanity. It's almost over. And I still can't believe I'll be finally officially done with my EDUCATION after being in school non-stop since 6 years old.  
As always, see conversion diary for more quick takes.


I have not yet posted about Mother's to honor this wonderful lady:

I unfortunately didn't get to see my mama on Mother's day as my parents sold everything, packed their bags, and moved 2 states away to live on a farm last fall.  



But at least I got to see my mama in heaven coronated (coronized?) (help?)

 My parish had an outside mass to celebrate the Coronation of our Lady of Czestochowa (aka The Black Madonna aka Queen of Poland) on Mother's Day.

I already told you the story behind this story here. But basically, our parishioners donated lots of monies for our priest, Fr. Sebastian, to travel to Poland to obtain an original, painted replica of the Holy Image of Our Lady Of Czestochowa at the Jasna Gora Sanctuary in Poland last summer. Since our parishioners were do generous with their donations, Fr. Sebastian had a lot of money leftover, so he decided to order golden crowns for Mama Mary and Baby Jesus. He then traveled to Rome (you can drive there from Poland) and had them personally blessed by Pope Francis. And this past Sunday, Fr. Sebastian organized a huge outside mass to which he invited many priests and the local bishop. I'm glad we got there early because over 1000 people showed up! It was such a beautiful mass. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the Blessed Mother was being honored on Mother's Day.

The Bishop, He was soooo tall. I was humbled by his presence...not just due to his tallness lol

The bishop jokingly said at the end of the mass that the beautiful altar and the other preparations our parish prepared for his arrival made him feel like he was the pope. He had a good sense of humor but I could tell he was also a very holy man.
The Homily: Fr Sebastian telling the story of Our Lady Of Czestochowa, such as why she was named Queen of Poland, and why her appearance is so dark (why she's called the Black Madonna).
I encourage you to look up the story, it's very interesting!

The Coronation of Our Lady of Czestochowa at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, Romeoville, IL


We went out for dinner with some of my pharmacy school classmates to celebrate our last week of class. 

Where is Waldo Agnes?
My delicious combination plate at Greek Islands. Of course, for my appetizer,
I just had to have Saganaki, or what I call "The Cheese on fire"


Went out to Menards on a little gardening shopping spree. I was one of those people that dept store workers hate...the one that comes 1/2 hours before closing. Haha. But there were still quite a few people there so I didn't feel bad!

I got me some lillies, petunias, tomato plants, red pepper and green pepper plants, onions, a strawberry plant

Finally the long awaited day came when hubby built me a garden space.
I was so proud to create our FIRST VERY OWN VEGGIE GARDEN! Yay!

Of course the little stinker was hanging out with me.
He must think I'm the coolest thing on the planet cause I am followed everywhere. 
My cat is my #1 fan, hehe.



Random picture of us in September which we just got back from our honeymoon and still have that honeymoon / freshly married bliss on our faces.




Picture on Easter of the year 2014. Gee, can you tell I gained like 99 pounds since our wedding?

That's why I've been busting my butt jogging for the past month. Best decision ever.




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Part of my Amazon Review of Something Other Than God


Oops, this turned out lengthier than I aimed for. Whenever I say "this will be a quick quick takes," it never ends up that way. 

Hope you enjoyed it at least. Leave some love in the comments.

Love, Aggie


  1. The outdoor Mass looks beautiful. I love a priest in sunglasses :> Good luck with your finals. Just hang in there; you can do it!

  2. Thanks Ann-Marie! I'm trying...but I'm so overwhelmed....

  3. Good luck with the garden!

  4. You can do it with the finals! I can't imagine what a relief it will be for you to finally be done with school!!

    1. It'll be a great relief I can tell you that ;-) I forgot how it feels to NOT have to study when I come home each day.