Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As I bid farewell to pharmacy school [Almost]

Disclaimer: This post is meant to keep me distracted and not studying.


Guess what's separating me from summer???
  1. 3 more days of lectures
  2. 3 more final exams
  3. 3 more days of APPE Rotation orientations
  4. 1 more patient simulation activity
  5. 1 more pharmacotherapeutics workshop
And then???

And then I get 6 weeks off.

We have a total of 6 rotations of 6 weeks each. The 6 week segments of rotations are called rotation blocks. There are a total of 8 six-week blocks, of which we are on rotations for 6 blocks (This is getting confusing with the 6's...basically...6 blocks x 6 weeks = total of 36 weeks of rotations. See picture below for easier grasp of this difficult concept...lol) and off for 2 blocks. My first block is off...meaning that I do not have to jump straight into rotations in May...but rather, I get a little break until middle of July.

Of course...it won't really be a break as I'll still be a pharmacy intern (or student pharmacist, if you will) at my regular paid job.

And then....I will be dealing with more of this:

Forgot to include: iPHONE completely covered in RHINESTONES
This happens all too often. Especially with people that are on medicaid and link cards...and only have $2 copays and they still complain...while they have better cars/phones/clothes than I do... Our welfare and healthcare system have some maaaaaajor loopholes and need some maaaaajor revisions.

But at least I get a 6 week MENTAL BREAK (but again, not really. Since you cannot just turn off your brain even while working at a retail pharmacy or just go into autopilot and let the computer do everything. You have to be very alert, attentive, and detail oriented to make sure you don't make a mistake. People's lives are in your hands. This especially scares me when I'm preparing medicine for babies. Because they're so delicate and so are their internal organs.)

But once rotations start...all kinds of mental exercises start again...and reviewing notes...and working on projects...and meeting deadlines... :-(

And then Agnes??? What then???

Well guess what!!!!! I do get a little break in between working as a pharmacy intern and starting my rotations! We're taking a trip to Mexico around the 4th of July. I just booked this trip this past Sunday and I am so excited. This year has been too long and too challenging: 3rd year of pharmacy school craziness combined with a pretty lonely first 9 months of marriage... I missed my husband waaaay too much (FYI...he's still working nights...and we still don't know how much longer this will last) and I can't wait to spend some well deserved time with him. And so we will be spending a week together, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, God willing! I shall be back refreshed and ready to tackle rotations! Because I will have 4 back-to-back rotations all the way until January. That's when I get block 6 off. But that's the block reserved for residency interviews, so it'll be a busy and hectic period of my life. I should start praying about being matched to a residency NOW. I think only like 20-30 people got matched in this year's graduating class (their class is >200 students, like ours. I'm not sure how many actually applied..but I'm sure it was a significant amount).

Speaking of rotations. I just turned in a reflection of my rotation at Rush UMC. Here is my favorite part of the reflection...along with my notes in purple.

Oh ...and on a pharmacy school related note...here are those pictures I never posted of me receiving that award & scholarship from Walgreens that I mentioned here.

From Left: Me, classmate Tom (the other recipient of that specific award), Dean of Chicago College of Pharmacy

After receiving our Charles Walgreen Pharmacy Awards

Hey pharmacy school. It's been a good 3 years of long days and nights of intense studying. But hey. I made awesome grades. And I'm still sane (or so I like to think). No major trauma. No major damage done. I don't have a single gray hair yet. Not too many wrinkles (except the ones on my nose...but that's because my nose always gets sunburnt like crazy...for instance...now...I look like a clown from being at an outside mass for an hour on Sunday). All my body parts intact. The brain definitely swole a little bit...but that's always good. Now to tackle those rotations and take that conceptual and theoretical knowledge from the classroom into real clinical and practical knowledge of the real world...which, as we all know, is pretty darn complicated. Rarely are there perfect "textbook" cases out there...that's why studying theories and memorizing concepts is NOTHING if you don't have the practical experience. I hope I'm ready for this...but for now...FAREWELL.

Well...off I go to take more notes on oncology for the upcoming therapeutics final. To keep you even more entertained...here are some interesting things about cancer...copied and pasted from my notes.

Why cancer is hard to kill...(see the red boxed line). Kind of depressing.



(At this time next week I will for sure be an overcaffeinated zombie and if I post something stupid it means I'm sleep deprived and delusional!)

So just please..

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