Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pope Francis Memes / Quotes {5Faves}

Just sharing some Pope Francis love with you guys. And then back to studying for my pharmacy school finals...and to thinking about the fact that I'm almost done with the "school" part of pharmacy school. I actually just wrote about that here: As I Bid Farewell to Pharmacy School [Almost]. Have fun reading!

Of course. I will not be sharing those quotes that have been taken out of context by the media, twisted, and used to make assumptions about Pope Francis...i.e. assumptions claiming that he is a very liberal pope who supports gay marriage and is changing the teaching of the Catholic Church..which has been anti-gay and anti-women for centuries. Yea...not those quotes. Because those make my blood boil..and I'm sure they tick you off too.

#1 Wish I was as Cool as Papa Francisco

 #2 Do not close your hearts

#3 Pro-Life

 #4 Do not be afraid to dream of great things!

#5 Everyone is called to be a Saint


Bonus: Funny Pope Francis Meme

And back to studying pharmacy

God Bless. Agnes

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  1. Love them all. Good luck with your final push of studying. I am glad you get a break before your next round.

  2. thank ya! I'm trying to focus and get thru the material but it's soooo hard. For instance, today, I was planning on getting home and hitting the books right away...I have now been home for over 3 hours and I haven't even started. I mean I jogged 3.5 miles and baked a cake (at least I'm not just watching TV lol)...but have not studied yet. Once I'm done decorating this cake, I promise, I shall study until I can no more. ;-)

  3. So, this is pretty cool. I made that Office Space image for Catholic Memes and Imgur (wasn't appreciated at the latter). I was just using google to try to find the "media misrepresents the pope" meme, and I find that someone liked my meme enough to use in a blog post!

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hey no problem! It's a very good meme! Hits the nail on the head w/ Pope Francis and the media!