Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes #38


I do beg you to excuse the prolonged absence in the blogosphere once again. Life is just soooo crazy since pharmacy school ended and I started working full time. Unfortunately, my first vacation block is quickly coming to an end...which means I will be going back to working on the weekends only, but at the same time, doing full time pharmacy rotations (aka working for free full time during the week). I'm assuming things will get even crazier because it'll be like working 2 jobs.

During the school year, I would blog in between classes and in class (oops) and while procrastinating instead of studying...NOW, I'm at work all day...then by the time I do some housework, eat, and shower...I'm exhausted and just want to go to bed. It's been rough but at least we have some extra income coming in. But again, this will end in 2 short weeks and I will begin the arduous journey of pharmacy school rotations until May of next year.

Due to the fact that I haven't really written a blog post since I ended school in May (except the honeymoon post), let me update you on what's been going on in our lives throughout the month of June.
Our burgers and beer/martini when we went out to celebrate after my last day of pharmacy school


I have been doing a lot of deep cleaning and organizing.

 It probably took me a full 3 days to organize my office. I went through every single binder I had from pharmacy school and from undergrad (probably 30+ binders) and consolidated, re-organized, and got rid of useless stuff, etc. 

I also reorganized all of my closets upstairs.

I organized everything into boxes and labeled it so that it's easier to find.

I made quite a mess and it took a loooong time to straighten it out. I'm so glad it's finally done!

Organizing my pharmacy school notes and labeling my binders so that it's easy to look up information in case I need to look them up on rotations or in future practice.

And the final result...after hours and hours of organizing.

I already posted about my jewelry and makeup organization, but I made some minor additions to it.

Here is what I'm most proud of: I tackled my junk drawer!

Junk drawer BEFORE:

Junk drawer AFTER:



  I have been doing some reading...

(aka finished Something Other Than God in like 3 days)

And aaaa lot of journaling...

My 2 favorite things in the world: reading and journaling!



 Lots of tender love and care to my garden aka kicking my amateur gardening skills and becoming a master gardener

The first picture is my first picture our our garden (last month) and the following are recent pictures (this month). We have had so much rain here that everything is growing so beautifully.

And my beautiful roses:



  We stood up to our friends' wedding
...and took some silly pictures!

We had such a fun time at the wedding! Greg was the best man so he was always running around to make sure things were running smoothly, but by the end of the night, we were finally reconciled together and we did a lot of dancing!!! I mean aaaa lot of dancing... considering the fact that Greg doesn't enjoy dancing as much as I do. It was a lot of fun. 



As always, I have been developing my cooking skills and making lots of mouth watering homemade meals.


(I will eventually be putting together and posting our family recipes for some of these homemade soups because they are oh so good)



We visited my parents on their "farm" in Michigan

Selfie with our family doggie


We visited the beautiful tourist town of South Haven, which is just a 10 minute drive from my parents' house. We walked on the beach as well as the full length of the main street of downtown South Haven. It was a very, very nice Sunday...the sidewalks and beach were just crowded with tourists.


And as I mentioned...

I wrote this wonderful post in remembrance of our honeymoon, so go read it....or at least look at the pictures!


That's all folks! 

See for more quick takes!


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