Friday, August 29, 2014

7QT: Summer 2014 Updates #2

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Just some quick photo updates of our Summer 2014 adventures, since my last update almost a month ago.

#1 Went to Michigan to visit my parents again...

Remember my black kittens that used to be teeny tiny? They are big and bad now! But still sweet and cuddly as before!

#2 We celebrated our first wedding anniversary

First, we went to mass.

The mass was celebrated for our intention and we also carried the gifts of bread and wine up to the altar to give to the priest. It made me feel like I was in I was literally carrying gifts and laying them at the throne of God. I teared up a few times during mass because I had such a profound internal experience. God was so close. So strongly present. Jesus made me feel soooo loved and so blessed in my life and my marriage.

It was truly awesome!
 We then went to Naperville Riverwalk park, where we went on our wedding day to take pictures.
We just walked around and relived the memories.

Then we went out for some foooood! We each got a margarita and had chicken, beef, and shrimp fajitas for dinner.....followed by some cruising in the mustang.


#3 Silliness with my kitty

After her bath...

Cuddling with mama....

Silly picture taken from underneath a glass table....because the view was just so funny. Her big belly and fur flattened. I love her back paws in this picture, too.

"Let's go cook dinner for hubby, but first let us take a selfie"

Who needs a shredder when your cat tears apart every paper that moves! And it was windy that day so she tore apart all the papers that moved due to the wind! It was hilarious how frustrated it made her!

#4  Had an absolutely amazing first Advanced Placement Pharmacy Rotation (APPE) at an absolutely amazing Catholic Hospital (Loyola University Medical Center)


Sneaked a quick picture of our feet while
discussing some medical literature after rounds.
 Last Thursday was my last day (yup, 6 weeks have flown by so faaaast!) I feel like I just started the rotation and it's already done. Loyola, I will miss you dearly. Great docs, great pharmacists, great residents, excellent patient care.

The last day made me feel so, so happy though. My preceptor gave me a one-on-one evaluation of my performance. There are some pharmacy preceptors that make students cry, I heard, but my preceptor gave me a great evaluation (gave me an A!) and excellent feedback. She also gave me great advice for the future and told me that she knows I would have no problem in getting a residency and that she'd be pleased to write me a good, strong letter of recommendation for residency. I haven't heard many good things / compliments about myself from anybody in a while...not my family, not my husband. So it felt great to hear that somebody appreciated my hard work and my talents and my dedication to patient care and to learning.


 #5 Explored Loyola's Catholicism.

Catholic New World Newspapers everywhere you sit

Loyola UMC sure isn't Catholic by name only. I've seen Catholicism everywhere across the institution.
It made me feel like I was at home...

It was sooo peaceful to see a beautiful crucifix hanging above every patient's bed, pictures and quotes of Saints all over the walls of the hospital as well as the school of medicine (of course Loyola is named after St. Ignatius of Loyola and their Stritch School of Medicine is named after Cardinal Stritch), and Catholics books and magazines laying around the waiting areas.

One day I got to the 7th floor much early, before rounds started, so I sat down in the waiting area to read an article which I was supposed to read for that afternoon. 

I look to my right: Catholic Newspaper. 
I look at the wall in front of me: a shelf of Catholic books, brochures, and reading materials. 
I look at the wall in front: "Our Father who art in Heaven" on an angel-shaped little sculpture. 

I was like: Hey God, I could do this everyday! Why don't you just give me a job here after school and I'll be in heaven!

The best thing I discovered though, was their Chapel. That chapel is huge, almost like a whole church stuck in the basement of a hospital. And this happened on the Feast of the Assumption. What a perfect coincidence? It so happened that our preceptor gave us 2 hours of free time between 11am and 1pm, so I went exploring and found this GEM. I walked around, took pictures, prayed...and right before leaving to go to lunch, I bumped into a young lady that helped to arrange the flowers at the altar. I asked her about whether they have masses here. She told my about the days and times that they have mass, and she said "in fact, there is mass today at noon for the assumption." Another coincidence? Nope, I know that God sent me there to that chapel, right at the perfect time to come across this lady, and at the perfect time to make it to mass and then back to my duties by 1pm.

I was so thankful to God all day and in such high spirits, because I knew that it was HIM, working in my life to make me a holier person. Plus, it felt so cool to see the attending doctor we rounded with on week 1 and 2 at mass, praying and singing. So, so cool. I just didn't want to leave Loyola, it was too much like my little Catholic haven.

And here is baby Jesus...people gave Him a lot of BLING.

This would definitely be a workplace that I don't dread going into day after day after day.

Consider that, Lord ;-)

#6 There are so many perfect things about this picture.....

rain/snow outside (better yet if it was a thunderstorm)
hot coffee/tea/chocolate
yoga pants
long socks
and a stack of books.  





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Have a great weekend ya'll! Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy Anniversary! And congrats on having such a great rotation experience!

  2. My Edda Cat would like to remind you that very girl needs a little black cat -- they go with everything.

    1. My parents inherited my two black cats...but I visit them often ;-)