Friday, August 8, 2014

7QT: Summer 2014 Updates about pharmacy rotations, cooking, traveling, and going to weddings

I have not participated in Jennifer's 7 Quick Takes for a while, so I thought I'd give you some updates as to what's been happening in my life over the first half of summer.

These are some of the things we did this summer:

#1 Painted our deck as a semi-final project in our house transformation.
(The final project, one day....not now though...will be to finish our unfinished basement to serve as a man cave for Greg, a nerd cave for me, and/or a play cave for our future kiddos, hehe)

#2 We traveled to Mexico
to finally spend some time together after a pretty long, difficult, lonely first year of marriage, which was sprinkled throughout with moments of post-marital bliss and gratitude. The trip was truly a blessing for our marriage! It was lots of fun too! A separate post and more pictures to come!

In front of Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe Church), where we attended Sunday mass (funny story about that to come in an upcoming vacation blogpost).

Inside Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I brought along the book: One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are...which I found to be very inspiring. I'm still working on the book since pharmacy rotations got in the way.

With my feet up in the air!!! Yeah! (Our suite was on the 12th floor!)

#3 Prior to the start of my pharmacy rotations in July, I basically worked my butt off full time.

This is just a random picture from a power outage we had one day due to a huge storm. We came in and basically did nothing but clean and organize for 3 hours since we had no power = computers down and fridges/freezers down (so we had to put all of our insulins, vaccines, and other refrigerated medications onto a big refrigerated truck)

#4 Cooking experiments continued.....
as always...I think cooking just runs in my both of my parents absolutely love cooking and are very good at it.

Creating a pasta sauce (pesto style, with some of my own kinks and tweaks) that comes from veggies straight from my garden. Super preservatives, no canned foods or sauces, no dairy/fats....just veggies.

Nothing like enjoying the final result of your healthy, delicious cooking by eating outside on the deck in the beautiful weather, with a glass of wine!

And some other home cooked meals...

Polish beef stew / strogonov

#5 Rotations started (read about that here and here) and I can be my nerdy self again! Yaaaaaay!

#6 We got our pharm school class pictures...

Where's Waldo Agnes?

The only picture in which you can actually see me, out of the three. I am in the 2nd row, 8th person from the left.
Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy Class of 2015
Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy Class of 2015
Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy Class of 2015

#7 We attended a couple of weddings
 ...and took some silly selfies! 

And some normal pics as well ;-)

That's all folks!
As always, leave some love in the comments.

And since you're already here, go ahead and read my post from yesterday: A Quick Rant about pharmacy rotations, residency, self-discipline and the Will of God

Yours in Christ,


  1. Congratulations! I had known my hubby 3 years before we were married and this May it will have been 20 years of love and faith. Absolutely LOVE the pics of Our Lady of Guadalupe church!

    1. That's awesome Elizabeth! Congratulations to you, too! Stay strong in your vocation to marriage! Thanks for stopping by ;-)

  2. I love the pics from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church!!! I really want to visit Mexico!

    1. Yes....Puerto Vallarta is a fun little tourist town to visit...and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (they call it cathedral, actually, but there is no bishop, so it's not actually a cathedral...from what I understood on the guided tour we took) is always the #1 or #2 tourist attraction there, if you look at TripAdvisor. It's beautiful. And experiencing Mass fully in Spanish was awesome too!

  3. Your cooking looks amazing, as always. My mouth is watering looking at that pesto pasta.