Thursday, September 11, 2014

7QT: Summer 2014 Updates #3


Just all of my nerdy glory...
on my first day of my teaching rotation

Not too much news around here other than....

I'm done with my 1st rotation (internal medicine) and onto my 2nd Advanced Placement Pharmacy Rotation. This one is my elective rotation, which I chose to be a teaching rotation right at my school of pharmacy. So I am assisting a very nice professor, who is a course director for the Institutional Pharmacy class that 2nd year pharmacy students have to take, and also a co-director for the Critical Care elective that 3rd year students can take. This is also the same professor that was my preceptor during my critical care rotation at Rush University Medical Center back in April/May. I'm pretty convinced He's the nicest preceptor/pharmacist/professor on Earth...but more about that rotation coming up in a separate post...since I promised you that I'll be giving you updates about each rotation (especially for those of you who are reading this blog for that purpose).



The other major [crappy] news is that my beloved husband went back to working nights. :'-(
Yes, yes he did. 3 months (June, July, August) passed by at lightning speed and now we're back on opposite shifts...and back to hanging out on weekends only. 

This time though, I am trying to be strong from the see things in a positive perspective...telling myself that this is the Will of God and that this time of loneliness for me will surely bear fruit... like it has in the past. And this is because when I'm lonely, I fill those gaps in my heart with God - He is the only one that can fill those gaps and satisfy the soul. And my faith and closeness to Him usually grows...even though sometimes I resist and despair in those times of loneliness. It's all for the greater good :-)



(and not to mention, September 1st was my 24th birthday...which we celebrated with a huge bonfire, lots of food, and delicious cake in Michigan with the whole family)



So with this huge boom of veggies in my garden...I've been cooking, pickling/jarring, making salsas, etc.

           Zucchini & Parmesan Fritters

Zucchini fritters / pancakes, maple glazed wings, and veggie fried rice

Maple syrup and Herb glazed chicken wings

#5 I started using Evernote as a tool to organize my life, documents, pharm school notes...

It's a free app and it syncs across all your devices (laptop-->phone-->tablet). 

So when I remember that I need something from the grocery store as I'm working on my laptop, I put it onto my grocery list in one of my notebooks in evernote, and it automatically shows up in my phone as I can access it when I'm at the grocery store.

I suggest you go on youtube...there are some pretty cool videos on how you can utilize Evernote to organize your life.

Yesterday I used it on my iPad to do an examination of conscience before confession. I'm also using it to keep track of my exercise, as you can see from the screenshot above. I made this cool weight loss document. I can share it with you if you like the set-up.

I'll let you know how that goes eventually. So far, I love it. But we'll see how long this excitement lasts :-)


#6 Just some silliness. Cause we all need silliness in our lives...

My brother let me cruise in his mustang and take it
to church on Sunday


#7 Saw my friends (acquaintances, actually) post this on facebook. 


This is someone, who I know, is a lapsed Catholic who doesn't go to church anymore. I figured out what her "feeling" or "this thing she's missing" is instantaneously, without even talking to her. The other girl in the comments is missing the same thing, too, she just doesn't know it.

I figured this out for myself once:

  Now I won't let Him go...


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  1. I love your spread of veggies you harvested! Garden pics just make me so happy. :)