Thursday, October 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes #43

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"Hi......I'm so adorable that my human cannot stop taking pictures of me, even while I sleep"

Well...when you sleep in hilarious positions like these...humans can't help but laugh and take pics!
Must be dreaming of partying and having her "paws up in the air"







(This pic was actually taken on the first day of fall...I just have not posted on here for sooo long)











"HealthCare Begins Here" Health Fair

I was in charge of promoting and administering immunizations last weekend at my store during our health fair. We also did blood pressure and blood glucose screenings.















 #4 Harvest time is over....


The Chicago weather lately can only point to the fact that cabin fever will probably start developing soon...No bueno.




We went to this Polish fest / picnic a few Sundays ago and they of course had lots and lots of delicious polish food but also offered horse carriage rides. 'Twas fun.















My latest baking adventures....










I've been obsessed lately with "Adoro Te Devote," especially the Latin version. I have never even been to a Latin mass and the only thing I know in Latin is how to say "Hail Mary"...and that's only because I love the famous Ave Maria song so much that I memorized it in Latin. But even though I don't speak Latin, "Adoro Te Devote" just speaks to me. I read it and I feel like I am really getting into the depths of this wonderful prayer. I especially love reciting it in front of the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic Adoration (which, by the way, I have been trying to attend every week, and I absolutely love and treasure that Holy Hour I spend in front of Him every week).

I'm also falling more and more in love with Latin and might consider learning it, at least in the context of my Catholic faith. I've been listening to some Gregorian chants lately and even all the songs/chants of the Latin mass. Saying prayers in Latin makes me feel so close to our beautiful, ancient Mother Church.

Here is a picture from my prayer book, with the Latin part on the left and English translation on the right.

And some of my art (if you could call it that) straight from my journal.



For latest updates on my pharmacy school rotations etc, read this: APPE #2 (2nd Pharmacy Rotation)


  1. Re: #1, I love how tabbies smile in their sleep.

  2. Hope all is well in your world.. Miss your writings

    1. Aw, it's so good and comforting to know that someone cares about and missed my writing! I have been so busy with pharmacy rotations and now the residency application process opened and things are craaaazy. But I have been working intermittently (randomly jotting things down) in a blog post...which I just have to sit down, edit, and publish. Posts coming soon, I promise. I miss writing and reflecting