Friday, November 21, 2014

7QT #44 I missed you

I really really did miss you and miss my blog. Haven't had time to update as frequently lately. 

And will you look at this?
Someone actually cares.

Whoever you are anonymous. Thank you. I opened this up while at the hospital after my pediatric rounds this morning and it made me smile. Actually, probably made my day.  And it motivated me to get back to writing. Like I stated in the comment above, I have been randomly writing down my thoughts, reflections, revelations, and other fun things in this one particular blog post, which will probably end up super loooong, but it'll be interesting I promise. 

For now, let's just get my blog updated :-)
Lots of fun and "un-fun" things have been going on in this lady's life.
Ummm...where shall we start???

I just finished my APPE (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience) Rotation #3 last Friday. 

This was an ambulatory care rotation at a Coumadin and Medication Therapy Management Clinic. More specifically, we saw patients that required monitoring and medication management for their warfarin (Coumadin) for various clotting conditions or for stroke prevention, and also for management of their blood pressure and diabetes medications. I even had two patients who were coming in to get counseled and managed for smoking cessation. (Hence, I have a lot of good educational materials about quitting smoking, if anybody is interested. I can also talk to you all day long about the nasty and scary effects smoking can have on your health and body).

'Twas fun while it lasted. 

The most intense patient happened on the very last day. Stay tuned for my APPE#3 post. 
Buy yes, as of Friday, I am now officially HALFWAY DONE with rotations. 

And here are some other bouts of excitement in my life shared through facebook status updates. I don't have much time to summarize it all (really need to read up on pediatric asthma because my preceptor will probably grill me about it later, and I only have 1 hour before I have to start working up patients before the NICU rounds), so this is a quick way to share it with you guys.

Yes, yes I did. I  started my APPE Rotation #4...which is a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and Pediatrics Rotation. OMG. BABIES!!! BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! SO CUTE. Most of them are very premature so they are just tiiiiiiiny and have little button noses. Everyday I walk into the NICU I want them all!

There are a lot of sad, sad things I have seen too (and it's only week 1) :-(

The other "un-fun" part is that this hospital is 37miles from my house and  I literally have to drive through the entire length of downtown Chicago to get there. I live in the Southwest suburbs and AIMMC is in North Chicago. So in the morning I have to leave the house at 5am in order to make my commute manageable. But in the afternoon, no matter what time I leave, the commute takes like 1hour 40 minutes. So I may just end up staying here super long, working on projects, and letting traffic pass. But that'll mean 13-14 hour days. We'll see how it goes. (But that may be a better and less frustrating option than stop-and-go traffic for almost 2 hours)

But again, I will expand upon my full experience soon, once the rotation is over (not until January since we have a 2 week Christmas break in between)



Still discerning my future. And RESIDENCY.

Just reading up about programs in the area, talking to current residents and clinical/hospital pharmacists, and polishing up that Curriculum Vitae.

I have come across some great Catholic hospitals that offer pharmacy residencies. I met the residency director of Franciscan St. Margaret (in Indiana) and the program sounded really good. Plus the hospital has a great mission and values.

This PGY-1 program sounded really good.

I'm still keeping in my good old Loyola, which was my first rotation (general medicine), and which really impressed me as well in its excellence in healthcare and its Catholic values and Catholic presence throughout the campus. (I wouldn't mind doing a residency in a hospital whose chapel is like a big, underground Catholic Church, which is what Loyola has, hehe)


The ASHP (American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists) Midyear Conference is in 2 weeks!

And I'M GOING!!!
Why? Because they have a 2 day long residency showcase. It's where I'll be able to go and talk to different residency program directors and current residents and to help me decide where to apply.
And guess where it's at???
Anaheim, California!
Yes...and right across from Disney World, too!
Got these lovely fashionable sunglasses in the mail. Well, at least it reminded me that there might be like a 70-80 degree difference in Cali as opposed to Chicago.

And some great Catholic pharmacists who put together a Catholic pharmacists interest group on facebook are organizing an official ASHP Midyear Catholic Mass! And ASHP actually added this to their official activities schedule on their website! Yay! Hopefully we have great attendance. I'm beyond excited because I'm actually going to be a lector! :-) :-) :-) (smiley face x 100)


Just for fun

That's all for now guys!
More updates coming soon :-)

Yours in Christ, 


  1. I can't believe you are halfway done - way to go! I have missed your postings as well, and look forward to whenever you get to write. How wonderful to be with the NICU babies and families.

    1. I know! I missed you to Ann-Marie! Trying to keep a good work-life balance and not go insane in the process. Much love, Agnes (ps, hope the kiddos are good!)

  2. I'm glad you're back too. Sounds like life has been as busy as usual. It is so encouraging to hear that there are catholic medical professionals who want to include their faith in their practice. I hope the conference goeswell.

  3. I'm glad you're back. As a P1 I enjoy reading your post on managing pharmacy school, marriage, and life. You will make an excellent professor.

    1. Oh that's great!
      "You will make an excellent professor." ,<-- I hope your words are prophetic. I'd love to teach one day. Too much of a nerd to get away from school permanently, lol :-)