Thursday, December 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes #45

Here is my Ultra-fast 7 Quick Takes


Yesterday I posted an update about my latest pharmacy clinical rotation.  Here is the link: APPE #3 - Pharmacy Rotation in Ambulatory Care: Anticoagulation and MTM Clinic


Tomorrow is another day in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), shadowing a NICU pharmacist. BAAAABIEES EVERYWHERE. SO CUTE. And tomorrow afternoon I have to present one of my projects, which involves analyzing clinical trials of medications. A little stressed, but I'll survive.



Overall, I just cannot wait for tomorrow to be over. One project off my plate, AND a 4 day weekend coming up. Did I mention it's in CALIFORNIA???? For the sake of my time (since it's getting late and I have to wake up at 4:30am tomorrow, like I have been for this entire rotation so far...and commuting 37 miles to and through downtown Chicago), here is a description posted from their website:

ASHP’s 2014 Midyear in Anaheim
Pharmacy’s Greatest Adventure!
The Midyear is the largest gathering
of pharmacy professionals in the world
and attracted over 5,000 students last year! Whether you are just entering pharmacy school or about to graduate, you will find a wealth of programming and activities designed just for you.
Highlights include:
n Interactive and informative student programming
n The Residency Showcase and PPS
n Dozens of opportunities to network with your peers and seasoned practitioners to help jump start your career
Basically, I'm going there to talk to residency program directors and to find out more about certain hospitals' pharmacy residency projects.

But my hubby is coming along for the weekend as well (I couldn't survive without him) and I rented a car so hopefully we will be able to hit up LA and maybe San Diego on Sat/Sunday. We have never been to California before so we're both excited!


The keynote speaker for the opening session at the ASHP clinical meeting is JAY LENO!!!! That'll wake everybody up on a Monday morning!


I found a Catholic Pharmacists group on facebook and I swear it was GOD who put it in front of my face. I have been asking God to give me people in my life that would share my beliefs and support me and my faith ( I was feeling lonely on my faith journey). And somehow I found this group: and it turns out THEY'RE HOSTING A CATHOLIC VIGIL MASS specifically at the ASHP Midyear. So on Saturday, all of these lovely Catholic pharmacists that are only living inside of my computer right now ... I will actually get to meet them on Saturday (and confirm they're real, haha...sorry, it is still hard for me to believe I stumbled upon a group of devout Catholic pharmacists), And guess what, I am going to be a lector at the mass - I'll be reading the first reading. And guess what else? The local bishop is the one celebrating the mass! I AM SO SO EXCITED about Saturday!


 GOT A JOB OFFER for a post-graduate intern position from the pharmacy I'm working for right now. The post-grad internship basically lasts from the period between one's graduation and one's obtaining of licensure (after passing board exams). After board exams are passed and a pharmacist license granted, a post-grad intern transitions into being a pharmacist.

The position is not exactly in the same state though. It is in Northwestern Indiana (which technically is only ~1 hour away). But this relieved some stress. At least I have a plan for after-graduation, if I don't get matched to a residency program.


Random picture of my cat to fill in the space, haha :-)
This is what happens when I get home.

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  1. Have a wonderful time at your conference, and congrats on the job offer!

  2. Hi! I am a non-trad and just sent in my application to pharmacy school yesterday. I was just searching "novena to get into pharmacy school" and your blog came up. I am also a Catholic, and actually work at a Catholic Church right now as the Director of Faith Formation. Have you had any issues with your faith and pharmacy colliding? In SD there is a law that says that as a pharmacist I do not have to dispense things I do not agree with (such as the day after pill). I'd love to hear about your experience in pharm school and how being a Catholic affected it (if at all).