Friday, January 2, 2015

7QT #46 ASHP Pharmacy Conference & Catholic Pharmacists' Mass in California


My hubby is back to working days. Smiley face x100! Life was tough without him for the past 3 months...but we can once again spend time together every evening. Cooking dinner together is especially awesome! 


In the rest of 7 Quick Takes, I shall give an overview of our little trip to California for the ASHP (American Society of Health System Pharmacists) MidYear Clinical Conference. I described what this event is all about in my last Quick Takes post (7 Quick Takes #45), so read about it there. And since pictures are worth a thousand words, here is my trip summed up in pictures.


The first night, we had a Catholic Pharmacists' Mass. 

The first reading...which I did a really good job reading. 
Now I really want to be a lector at my parish as well. 
Got some talent being wasted over here :-)
I just recently found this group on Facebook, reached out to them, and found out about this mass. The good Lord steered me towards this group and bam, all of a sudden I found myself in California, at a beautiful and well-attended mass, with the Bishop of the diocese of Orange, with me lectoring the first reading (which was oh so strong and profound...perfect for putting one into the spirit of Advent), and with most of these people that surrounded me at mass being these super amazing devout Catholics (vs what you normally get on your typical Sunday mass...and especially on Christmas and Easter day mass...where all the "cafeteria" Catholics fill up the pews). All of these super amazing devout Catholic pharmacists were reciting Latin prayers and singing Latin songs from memory...and I was just like "WOW... when I'm at my church, I'm usually one of the only people that prays these things in Latin from memory and even knows what these prayers are." Here at this mass, everyone was so devoutly worshipping the Lord that I truly felt like I was in heaven....and like I was already a part of the Communion of Saints. We were all there for one purpose: worship and communion...and we were all united in that purpose...kind of like it will be in heaven.

Forrealz though, it was so cool. I lived through such an amazingly profound experience in my soul during that mass. Plus Bishop Vann's homily was just so wonderful and encouraging for us pharmacists who practice in the secular world of medicine and unjust/immoral laws. (He told us about himself too...he actually used to be in the medical field and work in a he had a great connection to us pharmacists and future pharmacists).
Seriously, this mass was a little foretaste of heaven. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I NO LONGER FELT ALONE IN MY FAITH IN THE WORLD OF PHARMACY...Now I know how many awesome fellow Catholics out there are pharmacists and are able to align their practice with their beliefs. 

Some of the songs...which EVERYONE participated in singing. 

People greeting Bishop Vann after mass.

And here am I...with Bishop Vann. Soooo cool!

#4 ASHP Midyear Conference

Greg (my husband) walked me to the conference center for the residency showcase and took silly pictures of me meanwhile :-)

This is the opening ceremony, which featured an opening session with Jay Leno. The two guys on the right are my classmates Mitch and Tom.  Jay Leno was pretty funny.....until He made fun of Catholics. He did the typical comedian thing: made fun of politics and religion. The funny part was when he tailored his show to his audience, pharmacists, and started making fun of medication side effects. 

This one is before going out to a banquet sponsored by my college of pharmacy. It was an event where we could mingle with our classmates and talk to current residents who went to Midwestern University.


#5 Visiting LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills

#6 Downtown Disney

my favorite picture!!!!!!!!!!

#7 Driving along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and Beach Town Hopping with my husband!

Selfie #1

Selfie #2

..and BEST selfie! LOL

And that is all!!!

Next Quick Takes will feature Christmas in our Household! And I have some other updates coming up about my life :-) 



  1. Looks like a great trip!! I'm so happy you and your hubby were able to experience that.
    (This is Lianna, who used to have a different blog!)

  2. What a wonderful trip. Such a blessing to be surrounded by people who can support and uplift you through your career!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I thought about you and prayed for you the other day! glad to hear things are going well. God Bless!

  4. Oh have no idea how much I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. THANK YOU so so much. I thought about you the other day too...did not pray for you, but I will :-) Love to you and your family!!!!!!