Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Favorites: Pharmacy School Graduation Cake and Gift Ideas

Just another post in the "Five Favorites" Series. I have not linked up with Five Faves since back when Hallie Lord was the host. Now linking up with new host Jenna at Call Her Happy.

Pharmacy School Graduation is only 3.5 weeks away 
and I have been browsing Pinterest for ideas in order to better cherish this once-in-a-lifetime-happening.

So here are some cool ideas of graduation gifts, favors, cakes etc that I came across. 

I'm not planning a big party (as far as I know), but I will definitely celebrate with my family. I also have no idea where to even begin looking for someone who could bake me a cake as cool and creative as the ones below...but the cakes I came across on Pinterest still made me smile so I thought it was worth sharing. 

I apologize for not including links to these at this time, I shall go back and do this at a later time. My life is a HOT MESS right now. Just trying to find my way out of the tunnel, come out alive on the other side, and graduate, my friends, graduate!

1. Cool Pharmacy Graduation Cakes

If anybody knows anybody in the Chicagoland area who bakes wonderful, creative, custom-made cakes like the ones above...or if you know any good bake shop around here that could tackle this task...be so kind and let me know :-)

2. Cupcakes/Cookies for the Grad Party

3. A Cool Invitation to the Graduation Party

4. Personalized Mortar & Pestles

This is the one that I secretly wish for. Hopefully hubby is on it! :-)

5. Other Pharmacy School Graduation Gift Ideas


Capsule Magnets

Vitamin Highlighters

Vitamin Pens

PharmD Pin

Rx Shotglasses

Syringe Highlighters

Name Key Chain

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pharmacist Baby Onesie

And that's all folks!

More graduation & residency posts coming up!
- Agnes


  1. Agnes - my friend Sephora has a bakery in Elmwood Park and she is amazing at making cakes!! Her bakery is called 'Seph's Sweets'. She is doing the sweets table at my wedding! Look her up on Facebook!

    1. thank you Evita!!!! I will most definitely look her up! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ann-Marie! I'm trying. But half the time I just wanna hide under the covers and not come out lol....just gotta keep swimming!!!!

  3. Those treats are super cute!! I love the capsule magnets! Good luck and prayers for this last stretch before graduation.

  4. Congrats on your impending graduation! Many of my friends are pharmacists and I know how they were feeling at this time!

  5. Hi, Agnes,
    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Now on to the difficult part - residency and then finding a job!!! :)
    Could I ask where to find the t-shirt (Keep Calm, etc)? I would love to get one for my daughter, The PharmD!!! :)
    Thanks and all the best,

    1. Anonymous. There are various website but I found the best deal on Ebay. Just type in "pharmacist shirt" or "pharmacist gift."

    2. Sorry I called you anonymous, I just realized who you were after I read your name signed at the bottom. HELLO AGAIN FELLOW AGNES!!! :-)

    3. Thanks, Agnes,

      Sorry, but I don't have any of the "reply as" so I use anonymous. haha Glad you saw my name at the bottom. I just think my daughter would laugh her "dupa" off if I got that for her!!!
      Enjoy this last week or so of Pharmacy School. The big, bad world of work awaits! (joking, it is what you make it!)
      God bless you,

  6. Congrats on graduating pharmacy school! My friend is starting pharmacy school in the fall so I was looking for some gift ideas and I found your blog. The shirt idea was awesome since obviously the other ones are more sort of graduation gifts. I found these shirts and he loves them :D