Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm officially a PharmD!!! aka Pharmacy School Graduation in Pictures

I DID IT!!!!!!
I'M DONE!!!!!

Since you've been following my pharmacy school journey since year 1..and I told you about how it all let me tell you about how it all ended. 


Thursday night we had our Commencement / Graduation Banquet at a fancy banquet hall called the Carlisle in Lombard, IL. 

I had a crazy day filled with baking, cleaning...followed by driving 35 miles into the city to pick up my graduation cake...then coming back in bumper-to-bumper traffic..thinking the whole way that we're going to be super late to our banquet. Our trip back from the city took us almost 2 hours. When we got home, Greg and I had 30 minutes to each take a shower, get dressed...and in my case, do my hair and makeup. We ran around the house like mad, pushed each other out of the bathroom...but managed to leave the house on time and make it to the reception not only on time, but 7 minutes early. We're good, aren't we?!

Yes...I did chop off like 2/3 of my hair. More on that in the next Quick Takes.

At the banquet, we had good food, good company, and great laughs! I was at a table with 4 of my closest pharmacy school friends along with their parents and/or significant others.

I was awarded my awesome medal for my SUMMA CUM LAUDE honors...which were the highest honors (GPA > 3.9) and which only 10 people out of our class of 199 received.

My friend Joanna also received Summa Cum Laude and my friend Mitch received Cum Laude. As you can see, I kept with a group of smartypants throughout pharmacy school.

And on Friday May 22nd, 2015

and became Dr. Agnes N, PharmD

 My dear husband

 My parents

My parents and 2 of 3 brothers

Here is my mommy. Super excited about my diploma!

And my pharmacy school crew. We sat together in all lectures all 4 years of our journey!

Then I had a mini party for my family and close friends.

Check out my party favors!!! 

Which is really a pen that folds together so nicely into a small capsule. Very convenient to carry in pockets :-)

Take a shot!!!
Which is once again, a pen, in the shape of a syringe. This will be a pretty cool little gadget for residency as well :-) can't beat my cake!!!

This awesome young lady named Sephora...who has her own mother-daughter (she's the daughter) bakery in Elmwood Park, IL...made this cake for me. I sent her a few pictures from pinterest and she designed around those ideas and made this amazing, creative, and unique cake!!! Here is a link to her bakery, in case you live in Chicago and are interested in her awesome work: Seph's Sweets.

Oh..and for completeness sake....and to let you know in how great of a pharmacy school graduation spirit I was...take a look at the nails my friend painted for me for graduation.

Not the greatest of pictures...but those are dancing capsules...or "happy pills" :-D
Yes, I'm silly :)

And my cards..

And last and most important of all...
Thank You GOD, I couldn't have done it without You! 

And thank you husband for being supportive and just plain awesome!

I just couldn't ask for more in life. God blessed me too abundantly!


  1. Congratulations! Your hair looks wonderful. And your party looks like so much fun.

  2. Congratulations - now your husband can serenade with Robert Palmer's "Bad Case of Loving You" Doctor, Doctor give me the news I have a bad case of loving you!!!

  3. Lovely cake! Congratulations, you're amazing!!

  4. Congratulations! This brought a smile to my heart!

  5. So many congratulations to you! You did it!!

  6. You have been flooded with many blessings lately! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished!

  7. Hi Agnes! I came across your blog yesterday and I must say you are an amazing young woman. I love to see Catholic women living out their faith and I am really inspired by you! I am 22 years old, just graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville and am currently working on my Masters in Social Work.
    It's kind of crazy because as I have been reading your posts, I have discovered that we have quite a bit in common! I am currently dating (going on 5.5 years) my high school sweetheart and he is applying for a PharmD program! We are both trying to live our faith and follow God's plan and feel very called to marriage. We would like to get married before he starts Pharmacy school, which is also a little scary, knowing that he will have a very rigorous course load and that I will be working to support us.
    Do you have any tips for young couples who are getting married and still in school? I know that if this is God's will for us, He will give us every grace we need, but I would still love to hear from you if you have any wisdom to impart from your experience!
    Thanks Agnes! I will continue to follow your beautiful blog :) Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and especially for the blessing of your baby! You and your family will be in my prayers.
    Kaitlyn :)

  8. Sorry for the late response Kaitlyn! I just started my residency and things have been crazy around here. I'm glad you discovered my blog and it always makes me happy to know that God uses my blog and my life to inspire others :-)

    It is so beautiful to meet other young, faithful, devout Catholic women who follow the teachings of the church even though that involves swimming against the current of the mainstream culture every single day and choosing the "narrow, rocky road." It is wonderful that your husband is starting a PharmD program - yes it is a challenging program, but it is very much doable. We got married in the middle (after my 2nd year) of pharm school and my husband was (and still pretty much is) the main source of income. I used to worry about so many things but now when I look back, I see just how beautifully and perfectly things have been working out in our lives and I cannot but PRAISE GOD for what He has blessed us with.

    You're right, God WILL give you every grace and every financial provision you will need. He put your husband in pharmacy school and He will be with him every step of the way! Just as He was with me. I am now in a similar boat with worrying about finances because of the baby that is coming as well as worrying surviving the intenseness of a pharmacy residency while being pregnant and giving birth right in the middle of it...but every time my mind raises a doubt, God assures me deep in my heart that "He got this."

    My only tip is to stay close to God and close to each other - everything else the Lord will provide!

    God Bless! (And let me know if you have any other specific questions or comments)