Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our official fun pregnancy announcements!

I am waaaaaay to excited not to share!!! We had our first ultrasound today!!! We saw our little miracle and had our little moments of happiness as we saw and heard the 8 week 3 day old baby's heart beat. Precious!!!

And in case you've been wondering about me....
I'm doing fine! Just feeling nauseous a lot these days (mostly mornings, hence its called "morning sickness" but today I've been feeling kinda crappy all day).

I found a wonderful OB office.
Had my first prenatal appointment last week and my first ultrasound today.

Going on a little getaway to Tennessee this weekend and starting residency on Monday.

That's all the updates of my life lately in a nutshell. I will get more specific in my next post. Life's been busy, ya know!

Enjoy my fun pregnancy announcements!

I am also planning on documenting my pregnancy every week or two, depending on how crazy busy residency will make me. So keep on coming back and checking up on me :-)

So's the first official picture...
(not much of a belly yet...I mean there is...but that's just my base cushion I've been carrying around lately, haha).