Monday, August 10, 2015

1st Trimester Bump Updates

I'm a little delayed with posting this 1st trimester update but I'll utilize the excuse of being a busy, pregnant, and tired pharmacy resident. I am currently 16+ weeks pregnant but I shall give you a recap along with some bump pictures of the 1st trimester. Although not very eventful per se, I still want to remember how I went through my very first pregnancy with my first-born and how I handled life (read: pharmacy residency) at the same time.

I started documenting my pregnancy at week 8, and I hope to continue doing so until the very end (that is, sometime in late January).


Week 8

  • Baby is the size of a RASPBERRY
  • Mama is busy with: 
    • Figuring out which insurance plan to choose from my her employer to make sure she doesn't pay a million bucks out of pocket for your prenatal care, labor, and delivery - although you are so worth a million bucks. But mama doesn't have that much. So we'll  stick with paying higher insurance premiums to get a plan with a not-through-the-roof deductible. (Although both the premiums and the deductible are still high considering mommy's puny little resident salary).
    • Studying for the Illinois MPJE and Indiana MPJE (Pharmacy law exams)
    • Taking the MPJE exams and freaking out that she failed. FYI: She didn't. She was far from failing even though it really didn't feel that way as she was leaving the exam. 
    • Seeing you for the first time on our first ultrasound. Staring at the ultrasound screen in disbelief that this little teeny tiny miracle is growing inside of her. Watching daddy smile. Feeling daddy squeeze her foot from excitement as we both stared at the screen in awe. 
    • Hearing your loud and fast heartbeat for the first time and not being able to resist the huge grin that spread across mommy's face and the joy that sprang up in her heart. Seeing daddy's smile and awe, too. 
    • Seeing daddy take the printed ultrasound pictures after we walked out of the US room, and put them against his chest while closing his eyes, as if he was hugging you. (Mommy will have that image of daddy pressing the US prints against his chest forever imprinted in her mind).
    • Going on a mini weekend getaway to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee with Daddy and with daddy's best friend and his wife (who is mommy's very good friend). 
    • Having a huge appetite on our vacation and everyone enjoying mommy's pregnancy cravings and hunger pangs and attempting to feed her all the time
    • Taking pictures of daddy and friends tasting free moonshine, wine, and whiskey while mommy could only stand there and imagine how good it tastes and figuring out how many more months until Valentine's day, which is the date mommy will try the mudslide moonshine daddy bought for her at David Crockett's distillery

Week 9

  • Baby is the size of a GRAPE
  • Mama is busy with: 
    • 1st week of residency (orientation week)
    • Being excited and scared at the same time about what this year will bring as we were presented with all of the different projects  and tasks we will be responsible for as residents
    • Figuring out how and when to tell the RPD (Residency Program Director) that mama is expecting you in a few months
    • Praying, praying, praying about mama's pregnancy, residency, your coming into the world, your health, daddy's job, daddy's health, daddy's new role (praying to St. Joseph to be His Patron and Model of a good and chaste husband and gentle and caring father).
    • Mama went to adoration and spent an hour with Jesus asking him to care for our family. Jesus listened. Jesus is always a good listener.

Week 10

  • Baby is the size of a PRUNE
  • Mama is busy with: 
    • 1st week of Internal Medicine I rotation. 
    • Drafting IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval form for mommy's proposed research project
    • Learning the Clinical Pharmacy Policies and Procedures of my hospital (Ex: vancomycin dosing and monitoring, warfarin dosing and monitoring, Total Parenteral Nutrition, etc)
    • Studying for the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam)

Week 11 

  • Baby is the size of a LIME
  • Mama is busy with:
    • Taking the NAPLEX at Grand Rapids, MI (And using that as an excuse to spend the night on my parents' farm in Michigan)
    • 2nd prenatal appointment (heard your sweet heartbeat again!)
    • Working her first weekend as a clinical staff pharmacist 
    • Starting data collection sheet for her research project, which is going to be focused on Antimicrobial Stewardship, aka analyzing the utilization of certain antibiotics at the hospital and suggesting ways to improve their utilization (to decrease bacterial resistance and healthcare costs)

Week 12 

  • Baby is the size of a PLUM
  • Mama is busy with:
    • Finding out she passed all 3 of her board exams and is now officially a registered/licensed pharmacist
    • Preparing a presentation / mini lecture on stroke, focusing on the treatment guidelines, CMS core measures, and discharge counseling 
    • Hospital orientation where we found out all about the Franciscan Mission and Values of Saint Margaret's (I described this as well as why I love my residency program here)
    • First time experiencing morning sickness at work (before it always happened at home) and barely making it to the pharmacy bathroom to puke out her breakfast, hoping nobody can hear her since she has not spread the news yet
    • Taking EKG classes
    • Telling the RPD (Residency Program Director) the big secret and having a discussion in her office about how we will proceed and how this will affect my residency (The RPD was very understanding and supportive, as she herself is a mom of 3 and she herself went through residency - although not while pregnant).

Favorite thing(s) about pregnancy as of this trimester? 
**Husband COOKING for me and FEEDING me and getting so much joy out of it** BEST.THING.EVER!!!

Least favorite thing(s) about pregnancy so far? 
Morning sickness, No caffeine, No Ethanol ( I do have an occasional small cup of coffee on bad mornings and an occasional small sip of my husband's beer on a hot day).

Funny thing that happened this trimester? Having lower back / side pain on a particular day and self-diagnosing it as pyelonephritis, being scared that it's "flank pain" - a characteristic symptom of pyelonephritis (kidney infection). Because self-diagnoses are oh so accurate, lol. It was just lower back pain guys but I worried for a while.

And that is all. Leave some love in the comments :-)

Yours in Christ,

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  1. These first weeks are so exciting! I wish I had been more diligent about pictures each week. Yours are so cute. Glad work is supportive.