Saturday, September 5, 2015

7 Quick Takes #53 - Summer 2015: Residency, Pregnancy, Travel, Gardening etc

#1 Left retail pharmacy (forever I hope)

.....after 2 years as a pharmacy technician and 3 years as a student pharmacist / pharmacy intern.

I could probably write a book about my experiences in retail pharmacy. I have a whole post written up in my drafts folder and perhaps I will post it eventually...I have been procrastinating on it because there is just soooooo much to be said...especially when you're a Catholic Pharmacist and people (customers AND coworkers) look at you like you're crazy because you refuse to even touch Plan B.

# 2 Traveled to Tennessee (Babymoon?)

I'm calling this our babymoon even though it wasn't planned as a baby moon (we found out we're pregnant after this trip was already planned), and we were with friends (not alone like honey/baby moons should be), and since I'm stuck working a million hours a week for a whole year as a resident and because my residency year will be extended due to taking time out for baby in January...we definitely won't be taking another vacation for a while.  So let this be our hillbilly style baby moon. It consisted of exploring, sightseeing, and taking pictures of my husband and our friends tasting moonshine while I secretly imagined what all the different flavors taste like. Haha, we brought back a bottle of mudslide moonshine just for MAMA....for after this baby comes out.

The beginnings of the beginnings

We had a caricature picture of ourselves drawn. Ahhh...I don't know how I feel about this picture. But it is kinda funny since all of our funny/weird/unique facial features are exaggerated in it. 

#3 Spent some weekends living the country life in Michigan

This is the tree I sat under and studied for my board exams....while my mom was taking care of her garden and my dad was probably taking care of the animals...or fishing with my husband. One day...we are totally moving out of Chicago to live the country life.

My mommy planting potatoes.

#4 Started Residency

This is Saint Francis of Assisi - who hangs out in front of our hospital and in whose name the hospital was built. Refer to this post for more details in regards to beginning my residency and about the wonderful Catholic institution where I will be spending my year: The Start of my Pharmacy Residency and Post-Match Reflections
This is our mission at Franciscan Alliance. I like this better than the mission of the retail giant I used to work for...their mission was probably something along the lines of making millions of dollars. Thank God for getting me to this place. His Will is ALWAYS best for us and He proved it to me again and again....and again this time.

#5 I passed my board exams and got licensed as a Pharmacist 

Here you see that my cat is bipolar. Sometimes she loves to chill with me while I study, and sometimes she eats my notebooks. People's new homework excuse should become "the cat ate my homework" instead of blaming the dog all the time. Anyways, pharmacy boards were hard. I had to take the pharmacy law exams for 2 different states - they were both equally challenging. So was the pharmacy practice exam. But studying paid off and I passed all with good scores!

I took one of my exams at the Pearson Vue testing center downtown Chicago...and this was the day after the Blackhawks brought the Stanely Cup back home. So all kinds of celebrations were going on as I was walking the streets trying not to get lost and make it to my exams on time. 

My custom made diploma frame (graduation gift from my sister in law) came in and hubby was kind enough to hang it for me. So here is the most expensive piece of paper I own (worth probably around $160,000). Yes... Higher education, especially graduate school education, is INSANELY, UNBELIEVABLY, PUNISHABLY EXPENSIVE in the great United States of America. Whoever is doing this needs to go to jail. There are people in the healthcare field that sacrifice their lives to saves the lives of others and they have these insanely large student debt burdens hanging around their necks. Ridiculous. But that's where God called me so here I am. I trust His Goodness.

#6 Gardening Season 2015

In the beginning....

A little later....

And later...

Tea from fresh mint from the A&G garden....

#7 Celebrated Our 2nd Marriage Anniversary

Excerpt written in my journal exactly 1 year before our wedding day:

And then the wonderful day came....and the bride was so happy to walk down the isle :-)

(Lots of coins thrown at us fell right into my dress...and this was my attempt of pulling them out)

#7.5 Been growing...

Unofficial aka mirror bump pictures

Right when the belly first started popping out....

I posted my official bump pictures from my first trimester in this post:

1st Trimester Bump Updates

I take a picture every single week so be on the looking for my next Bump Update post...which is cooking and which will include weeks 13 - 20.


  1. I look forward to more bump pictures...And of course to "meeting" the little one when he/she makes their arrival! And I am so happy that God brought you to the perfect place for your residency! He is so GOOD!

  2. Ducklings! There's plenty of excitement in this post, but that was my favorite part. :)