Monday, December 21, 2015

2nd trimester bump updates Vol. 2 (Weeks 21 - 28)

WEEKS 21 - 28

Just a quick bump updates post, that has been sitting in my drafts folder and is now a little outdated.... but still worth posting since my goal is to get the complete story of my pregnancy (and residency) documented here.  Obviously I have been absent for way too long on this blog. But I have valid excuses. I'm a resident. and I'm pregnant. Yeah..I'm a pregnant pharmacy resident. Residency has completely taken over my life. Working 70+ hours per week and always working on 3-4 different projects and constantly struggling to meet multiple deadlines for projects and presentations. Will provide some more detailed updates regarding residency and pregnancy really soon. I took off Christmas Eve and have Christmas Day off as well, so hopefully this tired (now 36 weeks pregnant) resident can catch a breath. More updates and bump pictures in an upcoming post where I will take you all the way through the present. Oh and baby shower pics coming up as well!!!

Spoiler for next blog update? Let me just tell you this residency/pregnancy thing has been a roller coaster and has involved many tears and breakdowns. Joys mixed with suffering. But definitely much heavier on the suffering part. Ahhh... the cross of Jesus is heavy, but I'd rather crawl on all fours carrying it and be with HIM, than have any pleasures of the world and be apart from HIM.

Week 21 

  • Baby is the size of a POMEGRANATE

Week 22

  • Baby is the size of a PAPAYA

Week 23 

  • Baby is the size of a GRAPEFRUIT

Week 24 

  • Baby is the size of a CANTALOUPE

Week 25

  • Baby is the size of a CAULIFLOWER

Week 26 

  • Baby is the size of a LETTUCE

Week 27

  • Baby is the size of a RUTABAGA

Week 28 

  • Baby is the size of a EGGPLANT