Wednesday, October 5, 2016

" One Day" - A Reflection / Poem on Suffering and Longing for God

"One day," when I was feeling triple D (down, discouraged, depressed), I wrote this. But don't judge, I am no poet. Just something that poured out of my heart.  I can say I am trying to be like St. Faustina was in her journaling...she did randomly throughout her diary write poems to capture the love that was pouring out of her heart for Jesus at that present moment. 

by Agnes

One day....
The suffering of this world will finally come to an end.
One day...
We will finally stop hurting each other, causing each other tears, and drowning in our own pity and misery.
One day...
Everything will pass away.
One day...
When we finally bring our cross to the top of Golgotha, and when they cricify us along with Jesus, we will rise again with him.
One day...
There will be no more tears.

No more suffering.
No more fear.
No more worry.

One day...
We will start living a new life, an eternal life in Christ Jesus.
And we will no longer remember the tears and the pain that we have experienced in this life.

This life, this life in Christ Jesus, is what I am waiting for...
This life is what gives me hope and strength to keep going.

And I don't despair ...
Although this present life can sometimes be so murky, so painful.

I keep walking...
Even though the weight of the cross is piercing the flesh of my shoulders, even though its' heaviness is bringing me down to the ground, taking away my strength to keep walking.

I get up again and again, and a third time... because You did, too.
I feel stronger - Strengthened by this very suffering and weight of my cross.
And I feel armed - Armed with get through the difficulties of every day.

And I keep walking
...because You are at the end of the road.

I am heading toward You...
And You are enough.

One day...
I will get lost in your embrace,
And tears shall be no more.

One day...


  1. Agnes,

    This is beautifully written and we can hear your heart in it!

    Keep writing,