Monday, March 20, 2017

What's the news Agnes?

Hello readers, if you still exist. Maybe you gave up on me and left my blog. I promise I have not abandoned you. I'm still here! Life has gotten the better of me. Not so easy to find time to blog now that I am a full-time working mother. Just wanted to quickly share some news with you, which I will blog about in more detail later on (I know I always say that, but then it doesn't happen for weeks/months).

We sold our house in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to Northwest Indiana, a pretty small rural town. We bought a pretty humble house but it has 5 acres of land, on which we plan to start a "little farm." We already have a rabbit in the barn that the previous owners left us. Next, we are planning on buying some chickens...and down the line maybe some sheep and horses as well (previous owners had 2 horses, so barn and backyard is set up for them). Let me tell you, the PEACE AND QUIET of country living beats any day in the city. Would NOT go back in or near the city. Thanks but no thanks! I feel God's presence here :-)

As you know, I finished my residency last summer (thank God, HA-LLE-LOOOO-YA) and have been LIVIN' THE DREAM since then. They almost killed me during residency, but I survived and I love my job - my calling - my vocation. I am dedicated to my role as clinical pharmacist in a small [very] Catholic community hospital (which is part of a very large 14 hospital health system).

Now I am busy studying for my BCPS exam. It stands for BOARD CERTIFIED PHARMACOTHERAPY SPECIALIST. Pray for me. I have a month left until my exam and the study materials are probably like 900 pages, I kid you not. One of the chapters I tried reading yesterday (moreso on pharmacoeconomics and patient outcomes than pharmacotherapeutics), I swear was written in Chinese because everytime I read a page I had absolutely no idea what it meant. I probably read 10 pages of that chapter yesterday and I cannot recall a single thing I read. And apparently that stupid section is the highest percentage represented on the exam. I can tell you how to treat diseases and what medications are first/second/third line and what the side effects are, but I cannot do some crazy chinese sounding pharmacoeconomic/financial analyses.

Anyways, if I pass, more initials after my name. Agnes N, PharmD, BCPS ;-) I better pass, because it was $600 just to sit for the exam, not even counting the study materials. Prayers please!


Little Violette is 14 months old. We recently took a family vacation and Violette had her first plane flight. Violette is currently fighting with some nasty stomach bug. It is now day 5 of her diarrhea. 3-5 loose stools per day. And now her butt has a nasty diaper rash to the point of skin breakdown and raw skin. My heart breaks for her. I hope this bug goes away soon, as most of these are caused by self-limiting viruses. If it doesn't, we'll be visiting the doctor soon. Biggest fear is dehydration. Today I noticed she did not have much pee pee going on, just wet diapers from diarrhea :-(

But on the other hand, this MAMA is having more puppies! We just found out we are pregnant last month, just by pregnancy test, lack of menstrual periods, and breast tenderness. Have not seen the doctor yet - I need to find a new OB in NW IN - so we have no yet announced the news to anyone. Once I confirm that the baby is in there, alive and well, I will then make the grand announcement to the world. Baby is due late October 2017, so little Violette will be 21 months when we welcome our next little bundle of joy. Pretty good spacing I think :-) This was totally God's spacing/timing. We are always open to new life, and this is when God decided it was time to CREATE new life.

That is all the major news in a relatively short blog post.

Will try to hop on here more, especially once I'm done studying for BCPS.

And here are some more pictures for your enjoyment, since I have been MIA :-)

God bless you all,