Thursday, July 20, 2017

Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, It's a Girl, and a sneak peak into our "new life")


HELLO !!! :-)

First, a most up to date picture for attention.
In this picture: Violette is 18 months and Mama is 25 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2!

Yes, we are having another girl!

But we already knew that way before our 20 week ultrasound as Violette named the new baby Gabby (Gabriella) 2 months before we even found out the gender.


I added new suffix to my name.

Agnes N, PharmD, BCPS (Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist)

Studied like 900-1000 pages of materials all while going through hell at home with a non-sleeping, sick, teething baby and living with my MIL for 3 months, which was very stressful for me.

Will snap a picture when that diploma comes in the mail :-)

Thank You God! I can move mountains with you!


We moved to NW Indiana last fall to begin to live out our dream of livin' the country life...and have now officially started a little farm. We started with some chickens, then got 4 mountain sheep, then got a baby kitten, and now most recently over 4th of July weekend, we unexpectedly brought a 5 month old Great Pyrenees from Kentucky. She is a livestock guardian / shepherd dog and does great herding the chickens / sheep back to the barn in the evening time. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our "new life." It really does feel like we are living a whole new life. It is so much fun coming home from work every day - we are never bored! All these animals are so much fun to watch, interact with, feed, and take care of. Also have a veggie garden, as I always have, but this one is much bigger :-)


A finally,
Here is a sneak peak of our pregnancy announcement / maternity / big sister photo session.

More to come soon!