Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pregnancy / Maternity / Big Sister Photo Session and our New Baby's Name

As promised, here is some of the best photos from our recent pregnancy announcement / big sister photo session. Thank you to Anya W. Photography of Lockport, IL.  I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. They are beautiful and I know I will get a few canvases ordered to go up on our walls, as well as a photobook.
Thank you LORD GOD for our beautiful little growing family. We have faith, health, love, and happiness....most importantly: we have each other. What more do we need ???
So many exciting things ahead: We celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in August, my 27th birthday in September, and our baby girl will be here in October! Also, I wanted to share her name that Violette had picked out waaaay before we even knew her sex. Our baby girl's name is Gabriella. Our clever little 18 month old Violette talks about her baby sister Gabby in mommy's tummy on a daily basis. Such a blessing. Also, for her middle name, considering Faustina - since she is probably my favorite Saint that is closest to my heart.
Also, I just wanted to mention and give a shout out to my husband. He has been out of work for the last 2 months and has been at home with our little Violette. As much as I hate living check to check on one salary (while paying off mortgage, big student loans, 2 cars, etc etc), I absolutely LOOOVED him being home with our baby and not having to worry about where she will go on what day (it's between my mom's and sister in laws on the days where husband works). My husband has been doing an amazing job at home! He is a role model father and he just loves his little girl to death. He has been cooking, taking care of the garden and the farm animals, and keeping the house clean. Between work, doing some laundry, and organizing the house a bit...I have been able to spend so much time this summer with my little girl outside. She going out there with us to feed the animals and enjoy their company. She loves to chase the chickens, too :-) After a difficult / stormy spring, summer came literally and figuratively in our lives and things have just been so much easier and so much more bearable. God is good. Just have to remember to trust him ALWAYS.





  1. Sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these delightful photos. May God bless you and your family. Agnes

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