Friday, November 10, 2017

Welcome home little angel: Introducing Gabriella Faustina

Announcing our new little angel's grand entrance into the world:
Gabriella Faustina
Born 10/24/17 @ 12:37pm
6lbs 14.7oz, 19 inches

Perfectly pink, healthy, and very very hungry ALL the time :-)

Since momma is very tired and sleep deprived from this hungry baby who eats every 2 hours on the dot, around-the-clock, and there is so much that needs to be done in the house while both kids are napping at the same time, that I will have to cut this post short for now and just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

The Sunday before the Tuesday Gabriella arrived. Momma hanging out with baby girl #1 (Violette), who is 21 months old, and cannot wait for the arrival of her baby you could see, she is hugging momma's bump.

 Ah that newborn baby smell. Cannot get enough.

Violette meets her baby sister for the first time. We've talked about it for months Violette, and now mommy and daddy did go to the hospital for real and bring your baby sister home! (Unfortunately Violette couldn't come to the hospital as she was fighting a cold). 

 WHICH IS WHICH? I thought their faces looked so similar when they were born, almost like tiwns! LEFT is GABBY (10/2017) and RIGHT is VIOLETTE (1/2016). You could tell Gabby is a little bigger (Violette was only 5lb 10oz.

One of my favorite pictures (taken by myself). Gabby, just yesterday, at 17 days old. 

Only things I'm going to say quickly, which I'm sure all you moms out there know already: I thought I was prepared for this baby since I have just been through this with Baby Girl #1, but I was hit with some difficulties as this baby is so much different. Constantly hungry and pretty fussy. Violette was so calm and slept through the night until we stopped swaddling her (~4 months). This baby gets up every 2 hours on the dot to eat. I am pumping (had latch problems and nipple confusion) and this girl at 2 weeks old is already eating 3oz every 2 hours! Holy smokes. I was worried it was too much and that she is gaining weight too quickly but my pediatrician didn't seem concerned about it. It took her a week to regain her birth weight and now in another week she gained almost another pound. Now weighs 7lb 10oz. Any moms out there have experience with babies with big appetites like this? This little hungry one shows hunger signs (rooting, opening her mouth, putting hands in her mouth) all the time and is generally fussy so sometimes it's hard to tell if she's really hungry or crying for another reason. I understand mother's milk gets digested very fast so it's normal that they may be hungry every 2 hours, I'm just worried that this will continue as long as I keep giving her breastmilk and once I go back to work and have to get up at 5am, I cannot be getting up every 2 hours to feed her and also pump in between. Any advice / comments on this? I know every baby is so different so it is hard to say whether her sleep / feeding patterns will change eventually or if she'll continue to be 'always hungry.' I have so much anxiety about going back to work already and about the in-laws coming again and staying with us. Oh Lord, just thinking about it makes me shudder. Please pray for me.


  1. Some babies are just hungry - my last one was definitely like that. (and he would not latch very well so pumping it was!) It was like all I did was pump & feed and then all of a sudden three months past. He finally settled down then. You might try a pacifier in place of a feed once or twice at night. My first kids never had one but my last two needed them. Some babies are very "sucky" and it's how they can soothe themselves. (And some babies hate the things and pop them out!) If your daughter is nursing so well, I think nipple confusion would not be a problem. She's a beautiful little girl - enjoy your family!
    (And I hope you get some sleep soon!)

  2. Hang in there, that is really rough. Perhaps for while you are home wearing her in a sling would help. With some practice you can nurse her while she is in a sling, and then she may be able to go to sleep for a good stretch. And CONGRATULATIONS!! She is beautiful!!!

  3. Congratulations! What a sweet and beautiful girl! Prayers for your in-laws coming in and for resolution to the feeding difficulties!!

  4. Congratulations!! Some babies are just big hungry a lot but I believe you'll figure out her needs. :)

  5. Congratulations to you and your husband on the beautiful new baby! They are both very similar looking for sure. It's been over 30 years for me, (having had babies, that is!) but I do remember my second one was hungrier than the first. This too shall pass, but hang in there anyway. When looking back on this time, you will think it passed in a twinkling of an eye. Again, many congratulations.


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